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    Why is it that on social media there are frum people proposing a boycott of Starbucks.
    The reason they give is because a Starbucks employee union consisting of 9,000 workers has blamed Israel for the current conflict. The problem with that is a union makes up the employee body but not the leadership of the company or it’s many shareholders. More importantly though is the fact that Starbucks has over four hundred thousand employees meaning this union makes up for 2% of the total number of employees in the coffee chain.
    Such a small percentage of a company’s employees making stupid claims is not grounds for a mass boycott, especially when talking about a company that is known for its pro Israel.


    The store doesn’t have a hechsher to begin with


    It’s not just the union leadership. It’s the owner. A self hating Jew.


    is there any way we can get a listing of which starbucks uses this union? maybe we can avoid those specific ones.

    Amil Zola

    Meh, I don’t use starbucks or any other coffee places for that matter. A pound of my favorite coffee is about $15-18 depending on market prices. So at the high end my coffee costs under $1 per cup.


    Sounds legit, but nevertheless, they should release a statement saying so, and not leave it to you.

    efshar azoi

    shmedrick- didn’t the owner meet with Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel zt”l and write an inspiring article?


    After all, if you don’t go to non-kosher stores that actively support murdering Jews, who will???


    Starbucks has 🌟 k heksher for limited number of drinks, decreased this year.

    The Jewish guy is not the ceo anymore, an Indian one is.

    Starbucks is fighting unionization as hard as they can … maybe find a Non unionized store

    Starbucks did issue a statement in response that is well … pareve, read it and decide whether it is up to your taste


    I avoid Starbucks – it’s pricey, but the coffee is good.

    Shtell Aryein

    Like others are saying, not everything has a hechsher, so stam azoy be careful.


    Its sort of crazy to expect every company, institution, organization etc. to rebut some stupid or hateful comment made by a group of employees or students unless that group is doing so with company resources and facilities (like some of the College-funded student groups issuing statements of support for Hamas). Starbucks has been engaged in open warfare with this union so it has no need to “disown” the union’s comments.
    P.S. Howard Shultz is not a self-hating Jew although he has been critical of Netanyahu’s judicial reforms along with half the population of EY.


    Best solution is go and don’t tip


    u pay for the “ambiance”

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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