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    The work day:
    >6:30 Am: wake up and go to pre shacharis chavrusa shaft.
    >7:30 Am: Daven
    >8:30 Am: go to coffee room to make the best cup of tasters choice a beis medrash can get you.
    >8:32 Am: Open bank account app to see if your tennants money is there.
    > 8:33 AM: clock out king, you worked hard enough.


    *sees that there is no engagement on this poast*



    He was engaged until 8:33



    This romantic view of workplace is clearly by someone who is still coming of age, or is a victim of the welfare system.


    @Always_Ask_Questions If you do have a better idea about what people do in Property Management please do share.


    I mean that honest work requires time and effort contrary to the op view. Specifically, from my limited experience, you need to deal with renters destroying their sewage systems, keeping pipes frozen, parking illegally, not paying rent, and worse. Plus managing plumbers and electricians making sure they come on time and drill the right apartment. If you are smart, you can eventually get reliable workers, dependable tenants, and then do what the op suggests



    These jobs do exist, but this does NOT reflect the life of your average property manager. The above poster talking about dealing with sewage is significantly closer to reality for 99.5% of the group that would be dealing with it.

    Have enough tenants that you have plumbers for that? Well, then your life looks like a Project Manager, you’ll spend all day on budgets and scheduling and calls as you’re probably responsible for buildings worth of tenants and year over year maintenance planning/budgeting.

    Of course, you could be in the category of PMs who handle out of town owners PM responsibilities for a percentage of rent, frequently done poor quality or low no quality. Then you have the stress of dodging your tenants calls, explaining to owners why you had to spend their money, and if your life is relaxing, it’s because you are dishonest – that comes with its own consequences.

    In short, that sounds like a nice dream, but that’s like going to medical school assuming you’ll get to be a chief radiology consultant who only works off of emails. The jobs probably exist, but you won’t get it.

    I’m not sure why I posted this response, but you’ll get a better response to this OP on Reddit’s anti work forum.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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