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    Sender Av

    One just passed by the house. I saw it last week too. It is playing creepy toned music (Coming around the mountain, Do your ears hang Low). I think it is creepy because they are not so common anymore(at least around here) and it reminds me of Chitty Bang Bang if anyone knows what I am talking about. Anyone with me?

    The Frumguy

    I, on the other hand, find it relaxing and reminiscent of my childhood. Is it a Cholov Yisroel truck?


    They are still common around here but I can see the connection (even though it’s been DECADES since I saw that last). Benny Hill as a hero?!


    Besides the creepy music its just dangerous, It attracts kids running into trafic. A few years ago a young six year old girl got killed in Monsey when a car struck her as she ran to a kosher ice cream truck. There was a lot of talk then by state legislators about passing a law that would requier ice cream trucks to have a stick in front of the truck so kids who pop out in front of the truck would be vissible to other drivers but I guess it never came to be the law.


    was it papa louie G’s?

    i am here

    thats my ringer on my cell and i love it.

    Sender Av

    Frumguy, not a cholov yisroel truck. And if it were it would $8.50 here for an ice cream sandwhich.

    1st timer

    I thought I was the only one who gets annoyed by the ice cream truck music!


    definitely creepy when the standard song is played through a broken speaker in a slow fashion, and the guy serving is has a an eye patch, wearing mechanics uniform name tag freddy with stained w/ dark red raspberry syrup or something else.

    Then I hear ya.


    Also, ice cream trucks don’t have a bathroom. Makes me think.


    Honestly, these ice cream trucks make me think about molesters. I think the music and just the whole idea behind it just doesn’t seem safe to me. Half the time there is no adult with the child so what’s keeping the driver from snatching someone off the street?! And the music… just makes me think of a molester. I have no idea why 🙁

    Sender Av

    Happiest, that is exactly what it makes me think off. (music still eerily playing in my mind).

    ☕️coffee addict

    I agree,

    I always think ice cream trucks are really a front for something else


    Sender and Happiest, I agree 100%! Where I live there’s an ice cream truck that plays really freaky music, and then it stops playing. Suddenly, it goes “BOING!!” and a freaky voice goes “HELLO!!!” Then the music starts up again.

    Sister Bear

    oy vey kids these days – I was walking in the park and all the sudden I heard a loud hello, nearly got a heart attack before I realized it was the ice cream truck.

    Sender Av and happiest – on a non-Jewish website they have all these jokes that people submit about molesters being ice cream truck people, kinda creepy if you ask me.

    I heard of someone who told her kids that when they hear the ice cream truck playing music it means it’s empty 🙂


    Brings back the old days, with the white Good Humor trucks with the bells. That’s a good memory!


    Sister bear

    Music=empty truck… LOL!


    papa louie gs


    did anyone used to go the ice cream tucks and ask for broken iced cream/ices for free! used to do it all the time in elementary school! (and i do it sometimes now too!)


    ooh ootinny i gotta try that! 😀

    i lovve ice cream truck! and i sing along with that-HELLOO every time 🙂


    laughing my head off @ the OP!!!! yeah i could see what ya mean but….its all innocent


    You know what??? You just brought back a memory I have of a “crooked ice cream truck” experience. Once when I was 6 years old, an ice cream truck pulled up to our school way way after all the children should have and woudl have already gone home, however there are always a few straglers following behind. So this ice cream truck was parked in front of my mother’s car, and I was asking her if we could get one. and she told me there is something suspicious about that man because she saw him do something twisted to that kid’s arm or hand. I suppose when he reached for his ice cream he did something to him. But isn’t that weird that the ice cream man targeted an abandoned school yard, selling ice cream? WOuldn’t it have made sense from a business point of view to target a herd of children leaving the premises on that hot day to make more profit?

    Could be that he was indeed sinister.

    Just for old times sake:

    Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Oh you pretty Chitty Bang Bang,

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    We love you.

    And, in

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    What we’ll do.

    Near, far, in our motor car Oh what a happy time we’ll spend.

    Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    Our fine four fendered friend.

    Sender Av

    ………….Bang! Bang!

    Sender Av

    btw. I figured one can sing yom ze mechubad to chitty bang bang.

    Shticky Guy

    Ice cream trucks give me the creeps…..!!!!!……..”shudder”

    Why? After I see one, I feel something melt inside me

    I figured one can sing yom ze mechubad to chitty bang bang

    You can sing many things to chitty chitty bang bang. Just ask Uncle Moishe


    i had nightmares from that part of the movie and i still remember it even though the last time i probably watched it i was like six.

    Sender Av

    Shticky, what does Uncle Moishy sing to Chitty Bang Bang? Been a while since I gave him a listen, all though I did go to Yeshiva in EY with his son(the speaking voice, not singing voice one).


    all though I did go to Yeshiva in EY with his son(the speaking voice, not singing voice one).

    Thats real yichus! ?


    I think there was something in the news a few days (week or two?) ago about someone selling drugs out of an ice cream truck…



    Bump! *shudder*


    The title is wrong, here is how it should look

    “About ice cream trucks I do shudder”

    Mods can you correct it

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Our neighborhood had an ice cream truck driven by a Christian guy from Jordan who loved Jews. Every time we bought from him he gave us two free bars. He wouldn’t let any of the Jewish kids buy bars without a hechsher and he knew which ones were parve/not chalav company. He said he came in the summers to earn money to live off of for the year in Jordan. I trusted him, but I wasn’t sure where my money was going after he brought it back.


    There’s a halab yisrael truck that comes down my aunt’s block in Boro Park. During ben hametzarim, they blare some eery-sounding chant on the loudspeakers. I will say, though, that having the ability to get parve ice cream novelties to eat after a meat meal is really cool and one of the perks of living in a community such as ours(my favorite is the Klein’s Chocolate Eclair Bar: parve and only 110 calories! I also like the Crunchy Munchy, as this reminds me of a parve version of Nestle Crunch).


    To all you guys above: Paranoid?

    There is an actor called Rupert Grint who is a total wierdo (If any of you know Ron Weasley, he acts that character and is the living impression of him) – And he drives an ice-cream van BUT DOESN’T SELL ICE CREAM, because “its cool when you play the music and the kids come running and you zoom past them”. Cruelty.


    Thanks mods


    coffee addict – Ice cream trucks often sell weed in addition to frozen confections.


    theres an ice cream truck that goes around in the catskills and makes a delicious shake called a ”razzle”….tyr it and automatically gain ten pounds!!!


    I’ve seen that in different frum ice cream stores. What exactly is a razzle?

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