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    I don’t know what this guy/girl is up to, but can we ignore him/her? It’s getting really annoying! People are actually answering seriously to his posts. Yes, I did too at the beginning but come on. He/she is having loads of fun with us.

    He’s a “loser” a “nerd”. He’s a “guy thinking of going back to kollel” “She” needs a recipe for a bday cake for her husband? He/she/it also posts such negative and bitter comments.

    Ignore it – maybe it will go away.

    I hate to sound mean but if someone is playing us for a bunch of fools, it seems to be working.


    i agree


    What’s the problem? I really don’t get the naivete on this site assuming that everyone is always completely honest. As long as each thread makes sense and actually leads to the discussion of an issue, who cares what the person who started it was up to?


    I have a question. If ice cream you scream… didn’t start these posts of if it’s many different people, then who could it be that started it?


    Mods she’s put the anti thread up.AGAIN It should have been deleted like the otherone… Isn’t ganging up on other posters against CR rules??? moskidoodle, midwesterner and gefen have proved themselves you be the same person multiple times throughout the CR!!


    Mods once again, please delete this thread.

    YW Moderator-20

    Ok, for the second time today I’ll close the thread. But please stick to one story about yourself, , one username, and zero ::::::::::::::::::: colons.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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