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    A few days ago I started a thread about Chassidus. As most of you figured out, it was done in response to the thread on Modern Orthodox Judaism. This was wrong of me.

    Just because something is true doesn’t mean it’s ok to say it. My thread likely contained lashon harah in it. The MO thread also contains lashon harah, and I was guilty of reading it.

    I’ve decided to leave the Coffee Room for a while. Last year I posted this thread: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/im-trying-to-make-a-change and I am definitely not following that now. I believe that the CR is bringing out a bad side of me, one that I don’t like when I step back to look at myself objectively. I don’t think that posting here is making me a better person – I think it’s making me a worse person. I may be back at some point. I’m really not sure yet. All I know is that right now, the CR is having a bad influence on me.

    I apologize and ask for your forgiveness for posting lashon harah, and leading to many people reading lashon harah.


    As most of you figured out, it was done in response to the thread on Modern Orthodox Judaism. This was wrong of me. Why was that wrong?


    DaMoshe I am a Cubs fan Im currently in a locale surrounded by many Mets fans and it can be very frustrating to be outnumbered and you can feel marginalized obviously sports is not as serious as your religious affiliation but i can understand the frustration i hope you will return i for one enjoy your viewpoint, my opinions here are often in the minority but i do not let that stop myself from expressing my viewpoint and you and I have as much right to opine here as anyone.

    P. S. GO CUBS!!!!!


    DaMoshe- Wow, I was just going to post something similar. I left last year and came back hoping it would be refreshing and new, but it is the same old, same old. Its sad because your posts were so rationale and gave an emesdig point of view. I come from that background, and although I am not as much like that anymore, I look up to the MO rabbis as Torah giants and learn from them everyday people around me.

    I am going to miss you, as well I am going to miss some very thoughtful posters (Goq included). But truth be told, the CR has brought out a sad side to me. I literally get depressed reading some of the posts, and I cannot bear the pain anymore.

    Thank you for your time CR. Thank you for all your insight. I hope you all true love among one another, not splintered love. True love.


    I am truly impressed by DaMoshe’s ability to take a step back and look at things objectively, to focus on the noble goal of becoming a better person, and most impressively, to abandon on the drop of a hat whatever is distracting him from that goal.

    I have to say, this really got me thinking. What about me? Is the CR making me a better person, or is it distracting me from my goals? Is this how I should be spending my time?


    Some people watch TV. Other people play pool instead. Others play video games. Others play solitare or old maid with a deck of cards. But we have the CR.


    Is the CR making you a better person?

    Almost certainly not.

    Is it distracting you from your goals?


    Is this how you should be spending your time?

    In an absolute sense, almost certainly not.

    Relatively, that depends on what you’d do instead.


    It’s sad you are leaving, but you do what’s right for you, kol tov and hatzlacha in good endeavors

    Avram in MD


    I would really miss your posts if you left. Some of my thoughts in the wake of the “Modern Orthodox” and “Chassidus” threads are:

    1. The truly bad posts are coming from a very small minority of posters. And it is no use attempting to convince or reason with them, because they are not here for a discussion. There is a cartoon drawn with stick figures with a man saying, “I cannot come to bed, because someone is WRONG on the Internet!”

    2. No matter what viewpoint you hold, somebody in the world will think you are wrong, an idolater, whatever. I have seen invective from religious Zionists on other sites that more than matches what’s written here, including astonishing disrespect for gedolim. Seriously, we are all apikorsim if we do, apikorsim if we don’t. So what can we do? Sincerely seek Hashem and strive to live by His Torah, and iy”H He will take care of us and forgive us for any unintentional errors.

    3. I think The Goq’s metaphor is spot on.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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