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    Use this thread to post your Chol Hamoed ideas.


    Croton Dam, it is in Westchester Mount Kisco, it is very nice as you get to go ontop of the dam.

    Beutiful picnic area, great for family with lots of children.

    Best thing is that it is free!


    problem here is everyone will talk NY/NJ. how about midwest???


    problem here is everyone will talk NY/NJ. how about midwest???

    Anywhere west of the Hudson is CHUTZ LA-ARETZ


    Ha Ha. What a TROLL!!! Brought on by Rav HaRashi Key Master Himself!!!

    Imagine in middle of Chol HaMoed at some agreed upon location – “POPA? Is That you?”, “Shticky?!? How nice to meet you”. “BPT?!?” And high-pitched shrieking nearby: “GUMBAL!!!!! – so that’s you!!!!”. “OOMIS – glad to meet you”. “Gefen- You IRL?”. Some educated, stately woman (at a respectful distance away): “Hi, I’m Aries. I used to post. I matured!!”


    Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ


    2scents watch your language! 🙂


    !! 6 flags great adventure! or the bronx zoo is great if its warm out.


    If you go to a petting zoo on chol hamoed are you allowed to buy the animal feed in the vending machine to feed the animals?


    The Goq- if the animal feed is chometz, you would not be allowed to buy it, since you are not allowed to OWN any chometz. If it is kitniyos , then you probably would be able to buy, since you are allowed to OWN kitniyos , but you can’t EAT kitniyos {unless you’re sfardi, and then you would actually be allowed to EAT the animal feed! =)}.


    DON’T GO TO SIX FLAGS AND THE BRONX ZOO!!! Are you crazy? It’s gonna be swamped.

    Try Bear Mountain (paddleboating is really, really fun) or go to the Catskills and do all that stuff you don’t get to do in the summer. My whole extended family used to go every year to this one trail (Kaaterskill Falls, near Tannersville) and hike it. It was SOOO fun.

    One year we went all the way to Lake George on chol hamoed for two days and we brought all our own food (though they have an awesome supermarket in Albany). Much less crowded there.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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