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    Be aware this may happen to you.

    This may come as a total shock to many of you,

    but there are criminals lurking in the shadows

    of the CR seeking to rob you of what is most dear to you,

    “your identity”.

    I feel totally used and taken advantage of as i myself have been a victim of this terrible senseless crime.

    Aside from lacking basic human morals ,These shady individuals are unfortunately lacking any creative bone or fiber in their bodies as well.

    The only way to stop this in being vigilant and aware of surounding. Another step is to appeal to the law makers of our country (and this site) to introduce stricter laws that address this issue.


    How? In what way?

    Have you contacted the editor about this?


    Do they change the screen name slightly and post their own opinion from that similar name? I see so many similar names lately…(is that possible?)


    I always wonder why the mods allow so many similar usernames.

    Sender Av

    I hope this is a joke live my movie thread??

    Shticky Guy

    This really is a serious matter!!!

    PUBLIC APPEAL TO THE MODS: Please confirm that you acknowledge this issue, and keep us informed ON THIS THREAD as to the steps you are taking to rectify the matter.

    After all, if you (correctly) took steps to expose a certain poster for posting under multiple screennames, although all were his own, then you must surely stop people trying to post under other user’s screennames!

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Good Shabbos.


    Is it Adar already?

    ☕️coffee addict

    probably, i see what you mean.

    There’s no problem with posting a similar name to your own, that’s like saying you can’t have two Joe Shmo’s one speeled Shmo the other spelled shmoe

    I don’t see a problem


    I totally disagree with you, mbachur. It’a abosolutely disgusting for someone to copy your ID! How would you feel if someone did it to you?


    Bein-Hasdorim;I know (exactly) what you mean. On another (Heimishe) blog, I used another (posting) name, (which BTW this blog disallowed for the reason that “It’s taken already”. Actually by me, with another e-mail address, but I’ve forgotten the password.) which I (purposely) spell different than the standard way. (With Three EEEs (Like bigwheeel, for example.) One day, I noticed comments which would be impossible to have been posted by me due to their spoof nature and time posted (Because I’m on the road transporting Yeshiva kids at that time.). And those (spoof) postings were spelled the standard way.(bigwheel). that is how it slipped past the editors, even though the imitator has a different IP address. After I contacted the editor, they promised to be more vigilant. And the “Copycats” stopped showing up.

    p.s: Whoever understood my ramblings is a genius.


    how bout when others guess ur password and then leave comments in ur name??


    Chayav Inish L’…; If you are a Yid (and steeped in Jewish culture, you have an advantage. You can make up Thousands of (seemingly) foolproof passwords.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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