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    If I know who someone is and they’re sharing personal info (all of which I had known already) do I tell them or not? What would you want me to do?


    Come up to me with a diet coke slurpee in hand i will know its you. If you dont have a slurpee for me i will know its Syag.


    They probably know.

    If it’s me, then I pretty much know what I post. I sometimes post without thinking, but then it’s my own problem- I usually reread my posts and wince as they come back to bite me later.

    If not, the same sense of privacy that keeps you from going over to them outright probably gives that poster a framework of what he/she considers proper to tell people.

    If it’s me, just shoot me an email or send me a text- if you really know me well enough to figure out which anon poster I am, you’ll know one or the other. If you think you know who I am, then tell me; I just don’t want anyone asking me if they don’t know for sure, like, “Are you writersoul? Or maybe you’re Health? No, you’re probably PBA, right? For sure, so the type.” If you know who I am for sure then there’s nothing I can do about it already.

    But probably they know what they’re doing and if they don’t it’s not your business to say.

    And whether it’s me or not, leave this to email or text. In-person is just awkward. (I know this from experience, unfortunately…)


    anyone who knows me would know it was me anyway by my screen name.


    Are you writersoul?


    Goq – WHAT?! Now why in the world would I be the one to NOT have a slurpee for you? Are you accusing me of being cheap or of drinking it myself?


    fkelly – I don’t post private so I definitely would want to know. Mostly cuz then I would have someone to talk to about CR stuff. If you figured it out because I gave myself away I would want to know before I said something else that was even more personal.


    I usually tell people I’m syag. I told that to midwesterner when we met in starbucks.


    That must win you lots of friends!


    I’ve figured out who a few posters are, but I think I’d embarrass them if I told them, so I haven’t.

    If I saw a guy posting in Starbucks from a BlackBerry, I’d probably assume it was popa. But popa, if you are posting from a BlackBerry and see a guy staring at you, don’t assume it’s me.


    DY, me?!? (tell me here secretly)




    fkelly- to let them save face, probably best to just post here to that poster that you think theyve given hemselves away and should be careful not to post more personal info


    SaysMe, yes, but not on the thread in which the info was spilled.


    I’m not implying anything of the sort syag you have promised me slurpees on many occassions yet i remain slurpeeless.


    Tell me!


    If they really know me then they should send me an email or call…

    If not than they should tell me here in the CR


    Goq – I have never felt so ashamed 🙁


    Whoever wants to know who I am can just come to the zoo. I’m the only monkey here with a typewriter.

    hanz kegl

    some people can change their titles… but they are a dead give-a-way

    because their personality just follows them to the new title


    Well it’s none of you guys 🙂 So I’m not really sure what to do! If they don’t posts one this thread by the end of the night I’ll post who it was. She didn’t say anything I didn’t know I just want her to realize that she’s not posting to a bunch of anonymous people cuz I know her..


    is it me!?


    tell them


    DY- yes, agreed.

    Saying their sn now might send some creeps looking for the personal info that revealed them… Hope not


    Nope ourtorah!

    That’s true saysme! Had I not made this thread I could’ve texted her that I’m in the CR and know who she is.. But I don’t want her to know who I am.. Guess I’ll live it alone for now and hope she doesn’t say anything else too personal.


    I guess this is a good lesson to all of us not to say anything you wouldn’t say in real life cuz you never know who will recognize you.

    also, saysme, generally what someone who knows you well can pick up is not stuff that will fill in the blanks to some creep


    So a creep is someone who reads a thread with the intention of identifying someone. So what’s a stalker? While we’re at it, what’s a troll. I think YW CR posters have their own definitions of these terms, so it’s worth getting to knoww them.


    haleivi- stalker is the word i was thinking but couldnt put my finger on! So i subbed creep 🙂

    sem613- very true. But fkelly didnt specify if it was s/o she knew well or just knew and connected the dots, which does happen also

    fkelly- it’s a point to consider, but not sure a big enough concern to not let them know? Dunno. CR care to opine?


    I know it isnt me, cuz the “personal things” I have posted no one knows about…..

    She specified that she knew those personal details before hand…..


    It’s someone I know pretty well.

    I feel like we’re playing 20 questions here. So I’m not going to post anything else about this unless she posts hr opinion on this thread.

    Thanks for you opinions!


    Oh God. Not me right?


    I don’t really mind if people who know me in real life figure out that it’s me. What would bother me is if someone never knew me would start stalking me. So far one poster here guessed who I was, as you can see in an old thread…


    Just say it’s me.


    Gamanit – I am surprised someone figured you out, I always felt you were one of the posters who gave very little away. I still have a hard time picturing even what age group you are in. Of course I could check the stack of notes I have been compiling . . .


    Syag Lchochma- Thanks- I guess I’m not that bad at it. I do sometimes post and delete… sometimes I only realize that I gave away something when it’s a bit too late. I once almost gave away my address without realizing it- b”h I caught it.


    In answer to the whole semantics conundrum, stalker=creep. So no stirah.

    Troll you can afford to be more flexible about.

    I make sure only to post things that I would tell people in real life. Not necessarily would I tell it to EVERYBODY who may happen to read this, but if someone confronted me, I’d have no problem admitting who I am.

    There’s only one thread, to the best of my recollection, that I wish I could take back. Other than that, the only times I’ve ever been called out on giving away too much were by people who knew me IRL, so that they could only tell I was giving that much away because they knew that about me in the first place- someone who didn’t have the context probably would not have chapped.


    If it’s me then tell me quick so I can dig a big enough hole to bury myself in! Seriously, if you know me- I want to know. Because I wanna know you in real life!


    Sorry art of moi it’s not you! And it isn’t anyone else on this thread either!





    fkelly-I figured someone out, and started a thread like this to see if they would answer. She never responded on the CR, so i figured she doesn’t care if people know who she is. On the other hand, there was another poster who was posting very personal things who I didn’t figure out, though she left enough clues for somebody else to figure her out, my friend, so I left a thread for her telling her that people knew, and she changed her name. So probably see what happens… otherwise ignore it.


    I know lots of people, but I’d rather spy on them and tell their mothers everything they post than let them know.


    Torah613Torah – then why did you tell me that you guessed it was me?


    Gamanit, I’m pretty sure she was joking.


    Gamanit, DY is correct. I think it’s proper to tell someone if you know who they are (assuming it’s tznius and won’t upset them too much.)


    fkelly: Uh-oh! Was it me? I always try to be careful not to let info that can identify me!!




    Why bump, Mod 29?

    Do we know each other?


    Funny you should ask…

    Little Froggie

    Since when is a Mod snoopy, prying… stalking…???

    Don’t they go through rigorous training, exercises, courses..???

    Little Froggie

    Anyways, just out of curiosity, I’m wondering if anyone else here is tracked, traced, hounded and followed (stalked!) by at least a (posting) brother, sister, and mother??? (gasp x3)

    (ps the day they tell me they’re not gonna look here anymore, this place will rockin’ once more)

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