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    This is not applicable to me but I’m curious is there any issue of avodah zara with putting up a scarecrow?


    Scarecrows have no religious significance at all.


    Why are you asking, did the scarecrow take your brain?


    Wouldn’t it depend on why one is putting up the scarecrow?

    Oh Shreck!

    Brain, brain. ? Now, where did I hear that word again? Oh, yes, my mechanic (doctor maybe) told me I’m missing something like that…


    Putting a scarecrow up in your field is completely muttar. Putting one up on your porch some time in the next three weeks might be chukat hagoy.


    @ItcheSrulik – LOL. I like those little scarecrows – they’re not as irritating as the giant purple inflatable spiders and skeletons and witches.


    As long as the scarecrow has an entirely flat face I think it’s okay, though some Poskim would be Machmir in that case.

    There is an Issur D’Oraisa of Lo Sa’asun Iti, which we assume means (in very un-Maimonidean fashion) that one cannot make a Tzurah of a human face.

    (BTW HaLeiVi, if you want proof of Rashi’s corporealism see what he says on Lo Sa’asun Iti, Al Tikri Iti Ela Osi on the Gemara in Avodah Zarah. It doesn’t get much more B’feirush than that.)


    “one cannot make a Tzurah of a human face.”

    so how can people take pictures or even more problematic make a drawing of a person?


    ultimaterock: Most assume the Issur is 3D (because the Gemara explicitly states that), but some Achronim are still Machmir, if I recall correctly.

    Also, many in previous generations (it’s not so Shayach nowadays) were Makpid Al Pi Kaballah to not have their picture taken. That is why there is only one picture of the Chafetz Chaim (for his passport) and he covered half his face.

    R’ Moshe was Mapkid to never have his picture taken until one summer when he was learning in the mountains or a camp or something for his vacation (like most Gedolim used to do). Many guys wanted to take his picture and R’ Moshe refused. R’ Moshe asked a few people why the Bochurim wanted his picture. They said they wanted to put it on their walls. R’ Moshe was shocked and then asked what they would put up instead now that he refused. Someone told him that they would probably hang up pictures of baseball players. R’ Moshe said better him than the baseball players and from then on allowed his picture to be taken. (Told firsthand by my grandfather, who spent that summer helping take care of anything R’ Moshe needed.)


    He said my life is schmulik

    I can’t recall the bullick

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    If I only had a brain


    Sam2: We are noheg not to talk about that.


    Sam, we spoke about such references already. They are all about the same thing. Do you realize that Rashi is far from unique? Everyone has the same Pirush. And somehow, nobody (even your hero, R’ Moshe Taku) believes that Hashem is made out of something. What did Rashi think of a Neshama, is it more Ruchnius than it’s creator?

    For some reason, you called my very common explanation, ‘explaining it away’, while actually, the other explanations are ‘explaining away’ the Pasuk and the Gemaros.

    You don’t have to go back to Rashi to find this. We all, today, learn this exact explanation, all while knowing that there is no Guf ?”?. I showed you that Rashi, which says that there is no actual right and left of Hashem. Is that a mistake of Rashi? He forgot his ‘Shita’ for the moment?

    Yechezkel Hanavi saw something. I can’t describe it (since he gave three qualifiers before describing it), but Chazal do say that the Neviim had the possibility of making out a form in reference to what is understood.

    The Rambam says that a Navi goes higher and higher and understands and connects with lofty Tzuros. Now, we know that Hashem is one, no divisions. And yet, here we have a description of different Middos, Tzuros, Hashpaos, Oros, etc., that are organized. Although the Rambam famously shut out anything that would sound like Hagshama — forcing him to explain away Tzalmeinu — Chazal and the other Rishonim didn’t fight that fight and didn’t have that problem.

    It is explained in many Sefarim, including the Rambam, that the world was created in the form of man. That everything follows the pattern of this Tzura. Although this is usually explained in the general sense (one head on top, heart etc.), it can go a lot further than it can be explained, down to a specific face resembling the creation more than another. This itself would suffice as a Pshat, but the Mekubalim (any Sefer, first to last, introduction to most advanced) say that the Middos of Hakadosh Baruch Hu that He set up to relate to us is also in the same pattern.

    There are times, especially when it comes to Yesodos in Emuna, when instead of drawing drastic conclusions, we are supposed to look for answers.


    Isn’t frightening crows zaar balei chayim?


    A why not bump.


    I doubt it


    Crows are often spotted perched on scarecrows.


    “R’ Moshe was Mapkid to never have his picture taken…”

    There are, however, several pictures of him from his younger years (including a family picture just before his family came to America).

    The story is, however, very like R Moshe the way my grandfather (a ben bayis and talmid of his) remembers him.

    Little Froggie

    This title caught my eye.

    Hey, where’d I put it?!?


    Scarecrows with their arms wide open and a crown of thorns on their head, may present a problem.

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