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    Who would you put in?! In our circles, everyone is scared to leave anyone out!
    No brainers- First ballot ( sort of like babe ruth) MBD, Fried, Carlbach, (Yossele Rosenblatt? I guess there should be categories. Special one for Cantors, maybe one for Alternative, Soul)
    I would also put Yaakov Schweky, Miami Boys Choir, Abie
    Wouldn’t pass muster: Wald (could have been very good), (Williger), Dedi ( he could have been huge, started really strong), Yehuda,
    What do u guys think?


    Rabbi Boruch Chait, The Rabbi’s Sons, Country Yossi. Abish Brodt, R’ Shmuel Brazil (or jointly as Regesh), Dovid Werdiger, Ben Zion Schenker, Dveykus, Yigal Calek


    Arnold Schoenberg should be the first person elected.


    The trio from Dveikus (were there three singers?) get my vote. What beautiful soul stirring music


    Charlie hall I’m impressed that you know of atonal music .Much less impressed that you actually like it. Lol
    I know he “reconverted” but was schonberg orthodox ?


    If there were to be a Jewish Hall of Fame, would there be a snack bar to purchase Jewish delicacies? Maybe rugelach, at the very least.

    I would like to visit such a museum of sorts for the food. Then, I shall learn about Jewish music hits.

    Thanks for your consideration!


    Ruach Revival a/k/a Ruach Orchestra
    Stanley Miller


    My vote would be the folkowing:

    Rosenblatt, Yom Tov Erlich, Ben Zion Shenker, Carlebach, MBD,Yigal Calek, Able Rottenberg, Yisroel Lamm, Yossi Green and Lipa Shmeltzer.

    They all shaped Jewish music to what it is today.


    Dveikus – Elli Kranzler, Yussi Sonnenblick and Rivie Schwebel


    Megama Duo
    Diaspora Yeshivah Band
    Chaim Dovid Sarasik
    Yosef Karduner


    Great ideas! I see mostly chazanis, and “ old time stuff. Although sometime did say Lipa. Totally agree with that. Talented, tons of material, and a visionary, always pushing the envelope. What about more modern stuff- would u put Yeshiva boys choir? Eli gestner? ( not for singing, contributions to the industry)
    Schlock rock?


    Great comments everyone! Looks like most folks lean towards the “ oldies”. What about the newer singers? ( someone did mention Lipa. Which I agree. Very talented, tons of material and always pushing the envelope). Would you put “ Yeshiva world choir? Eli gerstner? ( more for his accomplishments than singing).
    And yes, of course would have food. Can have old time, traditional food like herring, kugel, schnapps?? And also sushi, steak, all the trimmings


    Chaim Witz


    Most Hall of Fames are for “older” people not those still active.

    Sam Klein

    Ever heard of Dovid Hamelech the sweet singer of Israel? Did we all forget about him? He sang praises to Hashem every day from midnight until sunrise

    May we all praise Hashem like that


    Very simple why the oldies are the most sought out for HOF. Today’s singers are cookie cutter molds. They are all the same. No uniqueness that differentiates one from the other. No identity. Those who grew up during the 60s can readily differentiate between the talents of then and the talents of now. The current singers have great boices but the compositions are all the same.

    Ari Blum

    Great comments. I’d add Yerachmiel Begun (I know Miami has been mentioned, but I’m highlighting the talented driving force behind the choir. So many great songs over the last 40 years or so!), Mona Rosenblum, Moshe Laufer and Chaim Banet. Oh, and Lenny Solomon, though his music is for a different market really!


    Yehuda green? Ari Goldwag? Songs of Safam?
    Gad Elbaz ( my kids love him)?
    And yes, I’ll put Dovid Hamelech’s harp in the JMHOF if you find it!


    I had that same thought, whether to put in Y Begun separately or not. Really talented.
    Someone once told me that all of Carlbach’s sings sound the same and all sound depressing. ( that comment may be better for the CR controversy section. Don’t totally agree, not a huge fan of his, but obviously a prolific composer someone with a huge impact.


    Rivie Schwebel


    I hold that there’s no such as thing as goyish music. If the eibeshter put it in the brains of the goyim these niggunim. Then it’s for us yidden to use. Of course not the pruste niggunim, but the regular good country style ones that talk about g-d and family are solid stuff.

    Eliyahu Hanavi

    1 yaakov shwekey
    2 mordy shapiro
    3 MBD

    Eliyahu Hanavi

    bigbalshite65.. i hope youre not serious…. if your kids would start listening to non-jewish music including kol isha would you not care??????


    Mine. By genre, three per category:

    Folk: Dveikus, Rabbi’s Sons, Carlebach
    EuroPop: MBD, Shweky, Avrohom Fried
    Alternative: Karduner, Eitan Katz, Chaim Dovid
    Choir: Miami Boys, YBC, Kinderlach
    RockPop: Lipa, Yitzchak Fuchs, Yehuda!
    Music Writers: Debbie Friedman, Moshe Mona Rosenblum, Yishai Lapidot
    Akapella: AKA Pella, Maccabeats, 613
    Mizrahi: Moshe Habusha, Yechiel Nahari, Moshe Eliyahu
    Reggaeton: Gad Elbaz, Mordechai Shapiro, Zusha


    אלעזר ליפא שמעלצער‎ אלעזר ליפא שמעלצער‎ אלעזר ליפא שמעלצער‎ אלעזר ליפא שמעלצער‎ אלעזר ליפא שמעלצער‎ אלעזר ליפא שמעלצער‎

    Rav Tuv

    Big baal (actually the name tells a lot) The fact that you dont hold by something is of what import? Oh I get…you’re a troll who wants attention. Got it.


    Big Baal is sort of right…..country music is essentially multiple variations of the same lyrics (aka my good for nothing husband ran off with another woman and also took our only tractor but I found solace in G-d, etc.) sung repetitively in the same key in alternating major and minor chords. Hard to call those kinds of songs ” pruste niggunim” if the lyrics were translated into Yiddish.


    I can’t believe that nobody mentioned a performer who has had a huge influence on almost every frum child over the last 40 years-Uncle Moishy.


    Which Uncle Moishe, Reb Tannenbaum or Reb Berktin??? If i recall, the beis din said BOTH could lay claim to be Uncle Moishe??? However, there was, is and will always be only ONE Lipa.

    Burnt Steak

    If this would include musicians that are Jewish, you can include Bob Dillon, Mac Miller, David Draiman, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle, Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys, Matisyahu, Barbara Steisand, David Lee Roth, Gene Simmons, Paula Addul, and last but not least Billy Joel.

    Irving Berlin, Felix Mendlssohn, Gustav Mahler, Salamone Rossi, Arnold Schoenberg and Leonard Bernstein were all renown in the classical music realm.

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