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    The Shady Charedi

    If, hypothetically, the courts do legally detect fraud and foul play, and, hypothetically, follow clear legal precedent that ends up, lawfully setting Trump as the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election…
    How would *you* react?
    How, do you think, Dems in general will react?
    How, do you think, Republicans in general will react?


    Republicans: DJT is Moishiach

    Dems: Churban Bayis Shlishi


    This isn’t going to happen because the Trump campaign can’t find any fraud, or any significant errors. The election wasn’t that close.

    The relevant question is what will be your reaction should the Supreme Court ignore all the lack of evidence and try to overturn the election. (The Constitution doesn’t give it that power.) Or should Congress ignore all the lack of evidence and try to overturn the election. (The Constitution does give it that power, and Republicans used it to steal the 1876 election.)

    Red Adair

    Trump voter here.

    I believe the chances of Trump prevailing are 0%. Not .000000000000001%, but 0%. It’s like asking “How would you feel if it was conclusively proven that the Earth is flat and the moon is made of green cheese?”; it simply ain’t gonna happen.

    Putting the blinders on, let’s say it DOES happen:
    -I’d want to see conclusive evidence that fraud, ballot-tossing and/or other illegal methods were employed in each and every state where the vote is reversed. I’d need to see that it occurred in a number great enough that we are sure the vote legitimately went for Trump.
    -I’d be horrified that the U.S. election is so vulnerable to fraud.
    -I’d be extremely concerned about civil unrest, or worse.
    -I’d be concerned that bipartisanship would be a quaint, archaic word, no longer used in a vicious zero-sum state of gridlock between Democrats and Republicans. The polarization that currently exists would be a picnic by comparison.
    -I’d wish Trump the best of luck in fulfilling his duties and hope that his pro-Israel policies and conservative judicial nominations continued. I’d also hope his personal behavior was less boorish and more presidential.

    I very much wanted Trump to win a second term, but I absolutely don’t want him to be given one at the tremendous cost that overturning the election would entail.

    Denying reality doesn’t change it. He lost. I didn’t expect him to graciously concede, but I do hope that at some point he will work toward a smooth transition, for the country’s sake if nothing else.

    ☕️coffee addict

    I was just thinking the op’s question earlier today


    Democrats: cleanest election ever!!!
    Republicans: There are many statistical anomalies and irregularities that should be investigated if on only to convince the 73 million trump voters that biden is the legitimate winner.
    Democrats: NO, YOU RACIST BIGOTS!!!
    There are now over 1000 signed affidavits alleging fraud, so the notion that there is “no evidence of fraud” simply isn’t true. Will this thing be overturned? I have no idea what significant evidence
    exists currently, but I do know I’d be scared to death if I was a democrat….


    Trump lost. The election is over. Is your question in regard to 2024?


    @Torahvalues overparty
    “There are now over 1000 signed affidavits alleging fraud, so the notion that there is “no evidence of fraud” simply isn’t true.”

    Meaningless, NOT evidence. You have a lot to learn about the legal system.

    An allegation is NOT evidence.
    Signatures don’t prove the veracity of what is signed. These affidavits in many cases are claiming in many cases that the SIGNED mailed in ballots are fraudulent.

    If you are so gullible as too believe what you posted, there’s a bridge I want to sell you.


    Thereis no chance of Trump winning at this point. Will he concede or actively coperate with Biden is highly unlikely. After all the democrats have been spending the last 4 years trying to overturn the 2020 election. In 2 months Biden will take over and be responsible for distributing the Covid vacciness and get the economy back on track

    Sarah S

    Probably say Hallel, because it would be a neis guloi, just like his first election. Also, would apply for a license for weaponry to protect my family from the insane facist antifa mob and all the wackos that will be given the freedom to destroy, loot, and riot by all the demonrat governors.


    The Democrats could not have spent the last 4 years trying to overturn the results of an election that took place this month and they won.

    yaakov doe

    Trump lost. He just can’t accept the fact that he’s a loser.


    Yep, In two months Biden will take over and be responsible for distributing the covid vaccines and get the economy back on track.
    Lets see how well he manages that.


    Some of the commenters have overlooked the fact that the question is purely hypothetical. My reaction if Trump legitimately won: First I would break out in hives, then I would move to Canada, if they would have me. America would become a failed democracy.


    “I would move to Canada”

    My wife and I have discussed this. Trump overturning the election results would mean that the US no longer has a rule of law and it would no longer be safe here. My wife has a Mexican passport and I qualify for a Mexican residency permit if I we go there together; I have even checked out housing prices in Polanco, the largest Jewish neighborhood in the country. But the idiot leftist President of Mexico is botching the coronavirus pandemic even worse than Trump and Mexico is stuck with him for another four years. I think we can qualify for emigration for Canada but it isn’t easy for most folks to emigrate to Canada. My wife also qualifies for a UK passport but the UK government under Johnson hates immigrants and Johnson is also botching the coronavirus pandemic.

    So aliyah might be the answer! Netanyahu may be a crook but he has 40 more IQ points than Trump and Israel is doing a lot better than the US is with the pandemic.


    Response to Red Adair on first post: I appreciate your reasonableness. I did not vote for Trump this time around, but your post proves to me there are indeed fair-minded Trump supporters who value democracy, that you’re willing to accept the defeat with the longer-term win of upholding a system that has provided our country with stability. With all the faults of our democratic system, it’s better than ‘might-makes-right’ power grabs we see in South America. That’s my take, anyway, I don;t want to put words in yoru mouth. I didn’t vote for Trump exactly because he is doing so far exactly what I feared: not respecting America’s democracy as you and I do. I am more inclined towards Biden on policy, but this fear was my biggest for going with Biden.
    Homeland Security recently said this year’s election was the safest ever (and then Trump fired the guy…). Having said that, if there hypothetically was widespread fraud and that fraud changed the election, I would not deligitimitize Trump’s second term.

    Sarah S

    Let me know where to zelle you the money for your ticket. You can join all the other Hollywood losers who threatened to leave the good old USA last time Mr. Trump won. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!


    OP’s hypothetical assumed evidence of fraud and legitimate court decisions that overturned Biden’s victory.

    As many have already pointed out, this is purely hypothetical. If there was any evidence, it would have been presented in court. In fact, the withdrawal of the Michigan lawsuits and the effort now to get legislators to disregard the election points to the fact that Trump’s lawyers themselves know they have no evidence despite what they claim in press conferences.

    Nevertheless, I think the question is a fair thought exercise. For every person who is disgusted by trump, there’s a 0.95 person who liked him enough to vote for him. If you’re happy with the results, it’s easy to say that’s the way democracy works. Losing is hard, especially if you believe a lot is at stake.

    So taking the hypothetical at face value, we are stipulating that proof of fraud was presented and that, as a result, there are fully transparent and objectively legitimate court decisions overturning Biden’s victory.

    First of all, Biden thus far has been a gracious winner. He talks about bipartisanship and being president for all Americans regardless of who they voted for. Rhetorical, maybe, but so far he hasn’t shown he’s giving the keys to radical progressives as many republicans claimed he would. No one should expect Trump to be gracious if he wins. He will gloat and call for investigations and prosecution for treason (raises the question of whether those things can be applied to him now, but that’s another topic) and spend the next 4 years talking about the 2020 election rather than doing the work of being president. He will double down on divisiveness. If you thought it couldn’t get worse, of course it can.

    No amount of objective legitimacy will prevent mass demonstrations and probable violence. There were demonstrations after the 2016 election, but this will be on a much larger scale. Trump has already used military force against demonstrations. No doubt he will do it again, which of course will only serve to further incite violent demonstrations. Hard to know how or if that cycle will end. Trump only escalates, reconciliation is for losers.

    Personally, I have been looking forward to post election and say good bye to the constant news cycle. If Trump’s goal now is to get as much negative attention as he can, he is succeeding. Everyone wants to know how it will end. The only thing universally agreed on is that he will never actually concede, but he might just drop the topic. Will he slink off to Maralago for Christmas and not come back (not like he’s been doing much since the election)? Will he pardon himself? Will he have to be physically removed as a trespasser on Jan 20, kicking and screaming that he’s the real president? But that’s it: on Jan 21, I’m deleting news apps. Hopefully, Joe Biden’s presidency will be so boring we’d all rather stare out of a window and look for animal shapes in the clouds. Actually, that sounds like fun as long as I don’t see trump’s profile.

    So hypothetically, if Trump did really win, the drama will not end for another 4 years. No staring out of windows. Phone calls with relatives will continue to be dominated by discussion of the latest in presidential politics. Children will know more about politics than I ever knew or cared to know at their age. I’m already exhausted, and it’s just a hypothetical.

    emes nisht sheker


    I was wondering yesterday before the highly touted news conference if there was some bombshell about to be unloaded… Then I watched the news conference (until that third person started going on a diatribe against the press and everyone who is supportive of Biden) and they just rehashed “evidence” that was tossed out of court as not being evidence and claiming they have evidence that they can’t show us. And then they made crazy claims about Biden overseeing a massive fraud operation and some other nutty stuff.

    So yeah, basically, I realized they have no evidence and are just making stuff up.

    Reb Eliezer

    I would be very surprised.






    “Will he slink off to Maralago for Christmas”

    I suspect he will apply for and receive a UK passport (he is eligible for one under UK law as his mother was born in the UK) and go live there with his friend Boris Johnson (a US Citizen born in the US).

    The problem is, the US and UK have an extradition treaty.


    There’s a nonzero possibility that Trump will prevail between the courts, legislatures and Congress and still win. Not much above zero but certainly the likelihood is nonzero.

    If indeed Trump wins the left-wing will riot, loot and burn the blue cities.


    ujm -“If indeed Trump wins the left-wing will riot, loot and burn the blue cities.”

    What’s wrong with that?
    Afterwards, Trump will restore Law & Order for the Rest of the Country!

    The Joke is Mendelez warned You Tube to take down some Inflammatory Videos, because it might cause some Social Unrest.
    I guess there are Two Rules in this Country – if you are a Lib, you can Burn, Loot & Steal for whatever Reason.
    If you’re on the Right – they can Take Away Free Speech, by Stopping You Tube Videos!


    So fascinating to see how everyone is so informed on all the evidence that currently exists to conclude that there is nothing there😂😂😂.
    Anyone observing the unfolding events should ask themselves one question: does it make any sense at all for highly regarded attorneys/lawyers such as Lin Wood and Sidney Powell to knowingly willingly and intentionally light their reputation on fire for no reason or benefit whatsoever?
    What evidence do they possess that they believe can overturn the results? I have absolutely no idea. But it is senseless to believe that they would put a death date on their careers by “floating out conspiracy theories” . So to all democrats: give them a chance! And assuming that you all believe Biden won cleanly-don’t be afraid to give them that chance!!

    emes nisht sheker

    Lin Wood and Sydney Powell have been given the chance to present evidence and have not presented anything that holds up. Why anyone should believe them now is ridiculous. How many times do you get to lie and get tossed out of court before people call you a liar?

    The explanation for why…

    Cults have a way of making people do crazy things that don’t make sense otherwise. It destroys who you are as a person. Not unlike how so many fine Jews have become purveyors of lying because of their desire to be part of the Trump cult. If you would leave the Trump cult you would be able to regain your humanity and be a better person.


    Ens- thanks for telling me how to better myself as a person. I guess I’m supposed to adopt liberal views, support the power hungry, self serving democrat tyrants. What makes trumpism a “cult” is the fact that trump is the first Republican to unite *most* of the GOP base, in standing up the Swamp. Liberals hate that. So they demonize trump and his supporters.
    Now you seem confident that neither sidney powell or lin wood has presented any substantial evidence. Have you by any chance read the lawsuits filed in michigan and georgia?


    I would move to Honolulu quick and board up my house there too

    bored_teen 💕

    I would board up my house and get ready for riots. Doesn’t anyone find it strange that when the party of “Love and Unity” loses there are riots and violence yet when they “win” there is no need for the boarded up windows?! hmmmmm…… At the Million MAGA March there was no violence then Antifa and BLM show up and Trump supporters are being beaten! If people are being beaten up for their political views and NOT ONE Democrat condemns it, in my opinion that’s one step away from being beaten up for religious beliefs! (yammukah, hijab, etc.)


    Trump 2024
    I would remind you that no president can run for a 3rd term.

    bored_teen 💕

    Actual quote from the Constitution:
    “Text. Section 1. No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice.”
    Donald Trump lost this election meaning he only had 1 term! He can run for another. 71% of Republican voters want Trump to run in 2024 so ya.


    He didn’t lose this election. Either way, I want deSantis 2024. The way he governs is Trump 2.0 I don’t think trump *theoretically* should run 2024. He made his mark, I love what he did, but I think it would be time to move on. He’ll be pretty old by then…..


    He didn’t lose the election.
    he did lose the election.
    as much as we both want him to win you have to face reality. It is ridiculous to suggest that Trump will still win!

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