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    Will the hard left and Democrats riot and refuse to accept Trump’s victory? Will Antifa, BLM and other left-wing thugs try to burn down the streets like they were doing in Portland?

    Will President Trump then send in the National Guard and the U.S. Marines into the blue inner cities to suppress the insurrection that the blue state governors and mayors refuse to fix?

    catch yourself
    yaakov doe

    Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen. Trump will not win.


    Interesting that you say that, yaakov doe, I wonder what led you to that conclusion…The only pollster that was accurate in 2016(all othes were way off) has trump winning re-election…plus voter registration trends from 2012-2016-2020 is key swing states is all in trumps favor….


    If Trump wins, there will be dancing in the streets that looks exactly like the final scene of the movie “A Day at the [Horse] Races,” but the people dancing and singing will be white.

    Resident Mortal

    Trump will win and Klal Yisroel will be better off because of that!


    What does If Trump wins? It should say “when Trump wins”!


    All my bags are packed
    I’m ready to go
    I’m standin’ here outside your door
    I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
    But the dawn is breakin’
    It’s early morn
    The taxi’s waitin’
    He’s blowin’ his horn
    Already I’m so lonesome
    I could die
    So kiss me and smile for me
    Tell me that you’ll wait for me
    Hold me like you’ll never let me go
    ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
    Don’t know when I’ll be back again………………………………………..

    ‘Leaving om a jet plane’ John Denver

    Do we go to our house in the Laurentians (bought when I achieved landed immigrant status in Canada to avoid the Viet Nam draft, but didn’t get called) or our home in Herzylia Pituach?
    I’ll let Mrs. CTL make the decision, but we are not staying for four more years.


    right on forshayer………Trump will win handily….. Americans are tired of the hooliganism. …just wait and see. I was called by a pollster, lied to him. didn’t want to be accused……. so I lied

    ☕️coffee addict


    Have a safe trip to Eretz Yisrael


    Hoping not to make a trip.

    As it stands now, Canada is far safer for my Imuno-compromised wife.


    FWIW I would recommend Canada in the short term and I would not be so sure that Trump stays in power for four more years. Wishing the very best to you and all of your awesome family.


    To CTLawyer: Can I rent or buy the one you don’t go to?

    crazy horse

    why didn’t my thing get posted?


    bored guy: The Mods obviously didn’t like your “thing”. I feel your pain.

    crazy horse

    crazy censorship here, none of my things get posted!

    yaakov doe

    Oddly, I hear people say that if Biden wins they are moving to Israel after supporting Trump because Biden is bad for Israel. Now, does that make any sense at all?


    The property in the Laurentians was a failed ski resort I bought in August 1972. It has been updated over the years. There is a main house and a number of 3 and 4 bedroom chalets. The lodge/dining room is suitable for a small school/shul. We’d be happy to have your family join us.

    As for Herzylia Pituach, married eldest grandson has requested it if we don’t go


    Yaakov Doe: While the passions are high on both sides, I don’t think there will be any mass migration to either Montreal or Bnai Brak. Again, its tragic that our choice again in 2020, as it was in 2016, is to choose the lesser of the two evils.


    Gadolhadorah: I reject this idea that we are choosing the lesser of two evils or that we did so last time. The same bogus media that sullies Trump has sullied the reputation of two long-time public servants. Yes, none of them are perfect but that does not make them evil. Trump is not evil. Biden is not evil. Hillary is not evil. I wish people would stop with this nonsense. I will be voting based on hakaras hatov principles and daas torah for an imperfect man who has done some great things. I also like the other candidate’s character and moderate approach to government and can see myself voting for him, too, if not for the aforementioned reasons.


    CTLawyer -“Do we go to our house in the Laurentians (bought when I achieved landed immigrant status in Canada to avoid the Viet Nam draft, but didn’t get called) or our home in Herzylia Pituach?”

    Either one – you’ll Learn First Hand, what it means Socialized Medicine.
    I’ve Lived in Both!
    You’ll run back to the US, if the Libs haven’t changed Medicine here YET!


    The “lesser of two evils” used in a colloquial sense…NOT to imply that either is per se an “evil” person. You are right, perhaps better to say two bad choices. Our nominating and campaign finance systems really make it difficult for the brightest and most talented leadership of either party to come out of the process on top.


    “if the Libs haven’t changed medicine here yet”

    #1 No one is proposing changing medicine, the Democratic Candidate wants to restore much of the ACA destroyed by Trump
    #2 I have long been a proponent of the ACA and would love it restored
    #3 If Biden is sworn in as President in Jan 2021, I would have no reason to leave, so your comment has no meaning in this discussion


    To turn the OP 180 degrees, “what happens if Biden wins” and if so, “who will be more disappointed; the Trumpkopfs or the AOCs ??? My own view is that it will be the latter when the left wing of the party realizes that Biden is a lot more centrist and is not going to roll over and allow Harris or the AOCs to dictate policy.


    You’ve posted before that you like the ACA because it costs you less. That’s because other people are subsidizing your medical expenses, which you can well afford to pay yourself.


    GH @ Our nominating and campaign finance systems really make it difficult for the brightest and most talented leadership

    take a long view and compare US government with others, starting mid 1770s… revolution with limited casualties during, and more importantl,y after; just one ltl civil war; peaceful transitions of government (so far); no military coups; just several presidents shot; no Nazis or Communists as serious parties. I think it compares favorably with many other major powers in the world (so, don’t compare with Canada or Switzerland).

    Specifically, the 2-party system forces people to form large coalitions. Dismiss success at your own risk.

    crazy horse


    Amil Zola

    My husband always enjoyed skiing at Whistler. A few years before he was nifter we invested in some property in a burg north of Whistler and later in a seed potato operation. It’s the best of the Canadian Rockies without the millions of tourists that visit Whistler. My property here is highly desirable and would probably sell in less than two weeks. My father always taught me to always have a plan B, and I do.


    CTLawyer -“#1 No one is proposing changing medicine, the Democratic Candidate wants to restore much of the ACA destroyed by Trump”

    Oh, they tried that under Clinton. That is always the Lib way of thinking. They believe in Socialism. Once they get in power – there will be Socialized Medicine.
    At least Bernie & AOC say it openly!

    Enjoy either Canada or Israel. From before -“Either one – you’ll Learn First Hand, what it means Socialized Medicine”.


    Always Ask: Good points in re nomination process. However, the past few election cycles have made it incredibly more difficult for lesser-know candidates to break through given the funding constraints in a Citizens United world and the displacement of old style retail politics by social media. When I look at the great young talent both parties have available versus the geriatric options we have on the ballot, I find it very depressing.



    Back when I was too young for Medicare, I posted the ACA cost me less. That was NOT why I loved it.
    I loved it because the previous lifetime cap of $1 million no longer existed and Mrs. CTL had more than $2 Million in covered expenses in 2016.
    I loved it because our then under 26 year old daughter stayed on our policy’
    I loved it because Mrs. CTL could not be excluded because of preexisting conditions.

    The fact it saved me money was factual, but not why I loved it.

    At this point, being on Medicare, I do not personally benefit from the ACA

    crazy horse

    trump is prez now, so however life is now it will be after he wins


    GH @incredibly more difficult for lesser-know candidates

    We had a bunch of non-traditional politicians in the finals lately – Trump, Obama, Romney. Even Bush 2 and Hillary did not have substantial experience in government, just the ichus.

    One recent lesson that I think R- learned from McCain and Romney experience that they can not win by being nice in the informational environment dominated by liberals in media and online. Romney could not even defend his stand for considering Russia as a threat, against Obama’s “80s are calling back”.


    With us being almost on the eve of Election Day, as strongly as I pray and hope that Trump wins, my intelligence tells me that will not be the case, most unfortunately. I also think that the Republicans will lose the Senate. This second prediction, if correctly combined with the first, will result in a completely disaster for the United States and its citizens over the next (at least) four years, much moreso than if the Republicans lose the presidency but retain the Senate. That said, while losing the Senate is likely I believe, it is less certain than losing the presidency.

    I say all this not from desire, as I very much hope I’m wrong on both accounts, but out of analysis.


    The premise of the OP is correct. If Trump pulls through and wins (whether through recounts, litigation, state legislatures or in Congress), it is a virtual certainty that BLM, Democrats, Antifa and other far-leftists will riot, loot and burn.

    It is notable that rioting and looting is a hallmark of the Democrat-left while virtually unheard of in the right.

    All that said, the president is well-equipped to put down any insurrection by nationalizing the National Guard or by sending the Marines into the cities (as was done by the president in in Los Angeles during the 1990 riots.)


    London bookies are still accepting, and receiving, bets on who will win and be president. As of today Trump has a 10% betting odds. (Which, funnily enough, is the same odds that Nate Silver from the famous 538 polling firm gave him on November 2, the night before the election. And it is a better odd than Trump was given before the 2016 election.)


    “If Trump pulls through and wins (whether through recounts, litigation, state legislatures or in Congress)”

    It won’t be recounts. The only recounts will be in Georgia and Wisconsin and no recount has ever reversed a margin even one tenth that large in any statewide election in the past 50 years (maybe longer). And even if they do it won’t flip enough electoral votes.

    It won’t be through litigation because the Trump people don’t have any evidence of actual fraud, and after the electoral votes are cast the courts no longer have a role to play.

    It won’t be by replacing electors because it is the Governors who certify the results. So this can happen only in a state with a Republican legislature AND governor. So the Rs could do this in GA and AZ, along with the 2nd Congressional District in Nebraska. But the Governors of NE and AZ are not the type to commit political suicide, and while Brian Kemp in GA is entirely capable of doing this, that would guarantee a Democratic sweep of the double US Senate runoff. And flipping those still leaves Biden with 278 electoral votes.

    Trump’s supporters need to get that the moral degenerate lost. And it wasn’t all that close.


    Charlie: Constitutionally, any state legislature can replace the electors without the governor. (And these legislators are from red districts whose constituents will appreciate and reward them.) And it can only be challenged in the joint session of Congress, presided over by Vice President Michael Pence. Pence can choose to only recognize and present to the joint session the certificate from the legislature, which has constitutional authority.


    Oh Charlie, -“Trump’s supporters need to get that the moral degenerate lost. And it wasn’t all that close.”

    Even if Biden wins – there be a Republican Senate Majority. That will Put a Damper on the DemonCrats Agenda!

    Johnny Picklesauce

    Biden’s gonna win, I know for sure!



    Who even told you that Mr. Biden is going to be going for reelection?

    Hashem runs the entire world and Is the king of kings lets not fool ourselves…. These rulers and prime ministers are just messengers sent by Hashem but Hashem is running each and every country of this entire beautiful world Hashem created. Don’t fool yourself

    Lev melochim vsarim byad Hashem…..
    That’s another fact you should remember….


    Yes, Yes, No.


    The only way Trump will not be able to win re-election if he updated Constitution Putin-style! (Russia had “constitution” that allowed for 2 _consecutive_ terms, leading to Putin having 4 non-consecutive ones). I think he will be bored by the middle of his second term after appointing a couple of more Supremes, vaccinating Alex Jones, approving HCQ, giving nukes to Ukraine, building pipeline from Jeddah to Haifa, making Sweden join NATO, and buying Greenland at discount. None of that will buy Gadol’s vote, of course, except jabbing the Joneses.

    TS Baum

    I’m not sure if you get what johnny was saying and you are just playing along or you seriously don’t get it.
    He said this more than a year after the elections. He said it as a joke that people will see that he guessed it correctly bec. no one bothers looking at the dates. He did not say he will run again.

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