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    Doing my best

    If you were president, what laws would you change?

    I would make airlines pay passengers fifty dollars an hour for delays.
    Allow small guns for people over thirty without a history of violence for the past ten years, no mental health issues, and allow neighbors, acquaintances, or relatives to file a claim to stop his license application with a serious reason.
    basic necessities with no frills to every citizen.
    illegal citizens should have no access to public services.
    prison inmates without a crime risk (a ninety-eight year old guy who murdered someone when he was twenty)should be let out and given support to restart his life.

    Any additional ideas?


    If people with mental health issues can be denied guns, it must not be a real right.

    Amil Zola

    Well you are talking about national legislation I suspect. There are states whose gun laws comply with your dictum, and at the federal level there is accomodation for compassionate release and rational release (as in your example). Many state have also adopted these policies and procedures. Fining airlines is perhaps a federal matter since the do control air transport in this country.

    At this point I have zero recommendations. Certainly we can’t legislate that people are nice to each other or don’t call names.


    The President cannot change or make laws.

    You’re thinking of dictators.

    Doing my best

    Fine, so switch question to “if you were a person with the power to introduce laws.”


    If I were President, I would give myself a billion dollars and make aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.

    Doing my best

    If you took a billion dollars, you’d have to make your aliyah real fast.


    To ‘ doing my best’
    If you were pres. Why will you allow this murderer to get to ninety you should kill him the day he kills ??!


    Has anyone actually read Article II of the US Constitution which defines the powers of the President? The President does not have the Constitutional power to effect any of the suggestions presented so far. The President does not make law. That’s the job of Congress. Over the years, Presidents, mostly Democrats starting with FDR, have arrogated some of the powers of Congress to themselves by issuing “Executive Orders” ala B. Obama (N.B. The Executive orders issued by the current President have been almost entirely used to rescind those issued by the previous White House infestation.) Nevertheless, the President has no Constitutional power to make the decrees listed by the OP. With respect to 2nd Amendment issues. Neither the President nor the Congress could make such a law . The President, or Congress, could no more arbitrarily modify the 2nd Amendment than they could limit free speech or allow warrant-less searches bu Police. The current law prohibits four classes of Citizens from possessing fire arms. Convicted felons, those convicted of misdemeanor spousal abuse, those adjudged incompetent by the court and those involuntarily committed, again by a court. Note that all four categories have been so prohibited, not by Presidential decree, but by due process.


    I would respect the Constitution which assigns the exclusive authority to change and make laws to the CONGRESS. Many of our nation’s problems are due to presidents (over the last century) usurping the power of the Congress and trying to rule by decree (very European, and very un-American). I would also follow the Constitution and respect the anything not specifically assigned to the Federal government is “reserved” to the states; many of our problems are due to the Federal government trying to impose national solutions in matters that are best dealt with by state and local governments.

    ☕️coffee addict

    If I was president I would let citizens give tickets to cops

    That will teach them not to cut and then turn off their siren


    Redleg, was it really necessary to give an entire megilla saying what I already said in seven words?

    Doing my best

    Trump Fan,
    Because if you did that in the US, there would be no time for the forty years of legal process which is in the constitution. (court case, appeals.)

    I have to assume you didn’t notice that I corrected myself to say “to any position with the power to introduce laws”.
    And I’m not sure what your point was by saying the current gun laws, please explain.

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