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    ubiquitin-“Thanks dearest Health, your last point cracked me up while at the same time providing examples of your dishonesty and evading questions. So yes if that isnt outright saying that agreements last forever it is certainly implying such”

    Your manipulation and dishonesty knows No bounds! I said the Constitution & the “Status Quo” lasts forever. You wrote that I said “agreements last forever” which implies ALL Agreements!

    “Please note that like most of my points pointing out how flawed your “logic” is, you simply ignored it while repeating it as if you were addressing it”

    The only one’s who are illogical and dishonest are you & the “Religious Zionists”!


    Teyereh Health,

    Before you repeat yourself over and over without actually answering my questions or responding to my points, please take a second and look up the term “hocking ah cheinek”

    We arent talking about agreements involving carpool, babysitting or the buying chinese tea. We are discussing the agreement made by the early Zionsits not to draft the charedim. Stop trying to evade the subject, THAT was the agreement you at first claimed lasted forever, and then when i pointed out how nonsensical that was, you then claimed in response “”I never said “agreements last forever”! Are you now talking about another agreement that isnt the topic of this thread?

    kj chusid



    Ubiq -“In writing? what kind of agreement do you think was made? You think it lasts forever no matter what changes? You have a childish/imaginative view of history”

    What you don’t understand and probably never will, that that agreement was based on the Torah! Torah lasts forever!

    See my last post on “Zecher Amalek – how can it ever be wiped out?”!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 101 through 104 (of 104 total)
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