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    If you can get that by the third try, maybe detect some English in that far (oh so far, farrooked) eastern dialect.

    “We detected that your computer is sending a virus…”


    Ever had that? What’s the quickest way you terminated that hoax?

    Me? “Computer? Wuzzat? Nope, don’t have one. (if he’s lying, so could I – ???? ??? ??????) No. No laptop computer either. No Ipad…” <without so much as a “sorry”> {Click}

    Should have kept him on longer for the kicks (if I only knew what he meant after repeating himself 3 times), I was currently busy, for a change. I should have given him a real run for his “money”.

    Mr Sfardi

    Your such a bored soul. Go do something with your life instead of posting stupid things in the coffee room. You such s bored soul like many other ppl in the coffee room


    Little froggie please ignore the first response to this thread he is just a bitter person you are a very welcome member here i for one always enjoy your posts.


    I’ve gotten that call more than once. First, “We’re calling from Microsoft. There’s something wrong with your computer.” I ask, which computer? “Windows.” “Which version?” “The computer with Windows.” Then I start to laugh and the line goes dead.

    Mr. Sfardi, since you aren’t motivated by boredom, what did motivate you to take the effort to post something like that?



    live right

    I know someone who fell for this. it was a pretty close shave.


    Mr Sfardi, it just so happens to be, I am a board sole. (“Your” should be you’re) But how in the world did you know. You could see me through this Coffee Room machine? Scary thought. You could see every thing else in my room (“mad scientist’s laboratory”) too? Ooo!!



    Forgive me. I’m relating this story for two reasons; one, because I just got that last night, and two, to warn others. No, Microsoft has no idea whose computer belongs to which telephone number, they certainly don’t go peddling around the street ($1.25 an hour, if he can speak a usable English it’s a 15 cents raise) claiming to be able to “fix” your viruses.. Be extremely careful when someone you don’t know tells you to go to a certain site…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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