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    I cant stand it! To spray shirts is just crazy! It takes so long and kills my hands. I have to wear gloves and if a tiny bit gets on my sick, it starts turning white and burning. And after spraying each shirt, which takes hours, some of the shirts still come out dirty! And then sorting everything and putting them away! It is making me tottaly meshugah!!! HELP!!!!


    If doing shirts is this difficult for you, maybe its time to send them to the cleaners. That’s if we’re talking about adult shirts. In my experience washing anything, most of the time not everything comes out. It’s just the things are, and nobody really notices :).

    Hope this helps, if not then I apologize.


    Hey, what happened to oomis’ post and my response? Oomis’ post was already approved and thn it got taken down?! Thats not fair!


    Im sorry Mods, it seems that I made a double thread. Can you copy HadaLXTP’s post to this thread:

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    it’s still there.

    You double posted your OP.


    What happened; you have doublethreadititis

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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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