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    Letakein Girl

    These past few months have been so filled with tragedy. It seems like every day there is another horrific terror attack… So many lives have been ripped apart by these events- besides for the people that were actually killed (rachmana litzlan!!!) their families were left shattered, bystanders left with memories that surely keep them up at night, and everyone in their community left scarred.

    Anyone have any ideas as to how to counteract this?

    Menachem Melamed

    It is a brocha from HaShem that human nature allows us to block out pain. We must walk a difficult tightrope allowing for appropraite sensitivity without being crushed. I doubt that anyone could maintain their sanity if we were as sensitive and empathetic as we really should be. I heard that Rav Simcha Wasserman zt”l said that that is the tefilla which we ask HaShem to replace our stone hearts with hearts of flesh. When Mashiach comes we will no longer have to make a hard protective shell to protect ourselves from pain, but we will be able to empathize with others as we should.

    Shopping613 🌠

    I don’t feel anything in the first place…

    Drives me nuts how al my teachers give us speeches on how to deal with the sadness, anger and fear…

    And what if we don’t HAVE that in the first place?

    Any ideas on me?

    Letakein girl, I can so not relate so I have nothing to say but good luck.


    It’s very sad the things happening. I don’t think we should be miserable. I think we should keep in mind our fellow Jews, have them in our prayers and help how we can.

    Whatever happens, we need to be strong. We can each make a difference to bring Geula, whether we work on middos, emunah, or achdus


    We as a people have always been resilient. We can go from a Fast Day to a day of Simcha in a blink of an eye. That being said, we are all family and need to look at anything that happens to a fellow Jews as such, be it a simcha or a tragedy.


    i feel that these things are happening, sadly, too often.we seem to get complacent about living in Galus and we begin to move further and further away from HKB’H. so He has to shake us up so that we will return to Him.

    We get shaken for a few weeks maybe a few months but then we go back to living how we did. we seem to be in a rut.

    We need to feel every day that we are in Galus and then we will naturally want to turn to Hashem more and more for His guidance and requests of Mashiach and then these horrific tragedies will become a thing of the past because Hashem will bring Mashiach Bimheiro Veyameinu..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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