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    am yisrael chai

    There’s a wonderful story of a wise teacher who gave the class an interesting assignment.

    Each student had to write positive things about the other classmates. Only the good impressions, qualities, characteristics, and incidents could be included.

    The teacher then collected the assignment & rewrote it so that each student had a page of all the positive things that each classmate wrote about that individual.

    Years later, that crumpled piece of paper would be discovered in the possession of the now grown adults. It had meant so much to each person, to remember the good in them during the inevitable difficult, self-critical times.

    I’ve just finished reading blabla’s amazing poetry in that thread. Blabla has amazing gifts, yet seems to suffer extremely from that yetzer hara called negative self-talk.

    So I’d like to start a thread where we can itemize to other members some of our positive impressions of them. Take it to heart!

    You can add as much as you’d like about as many members as you’d like & also to a member already mentioned.

    Blabla, I felt your pain while reading your poem & you’ve inspired me to start this thread because of you, so I’ll begin with you:



    Spiritual (what an amazing person you are to seek Hashem daily through your pain!)

    Feels deeply



    Talented (your poem is a clear testament to that!)


    Hopeful (you don’t give up and consider that tomorrow may be a better day)


    You’re so sweet! It really means a lot to me to hear that. Sometimes poetry is the easiest way to release the pain but I have to be in the mood of it so when I’m not, I go nuts.

    and as for you… (I don’t read the cr that much that I know you)








    If you need me to add I think you’re a multi-talented person, with a lot of depth. I haven’t read too much you your posts yet, but you appear to me as a bright, intelligent, emotional personality.

    I general I see goodness in all CR-ites. I have a hard time remembering screen names and their personalities, but some stick out:

    Aries – her priceless pieces full of advice, vast knowledge, human nature etc.

    Oomis – her womanly look at issues

    Popa – vast Torah knowledge, excellent humor

    HaleiVi – Easy going nature, encyclopedic knowledge in ANY issue.

    Eclipse – Human touch, (wasn’t easy to miss her threads)

    am yisrael chai

    blabla- after reading your second heartbreaking poem, I’m going to add here another positive thing about you:

    You are courageous, reaching out…

    (I hope you are in touch with mg)

    Here’s a smile for you 🙂

    a mamin

    Cum Laude: I think you are the most sincere, devoted and articulate person!! I probably could add alot more but my lunch break is ending for now…..

    am yisrael chai



    You possess some amazing qualities; here are a few:

    – you keep fighting the fight & don’t give up, like the tzaddik who falls 7 times & gets up

    – you are extremely self-aware & don’t blame others

    – you are grateful & appreciative for the support & care that you feel you get in the CR

    We appreciate you, too


    anything about me?!?!?

    am yisrael chai



    A huge quality that you possess is your TREMENDOUS amount of ???? ?????.

    (you would have ended that sentence with !!!!!!!!;))

    If you could bottle this amazing quality & sell it, you could retire before graduating school… 🙂


    if only I would be like that in REAL life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    what about Mods?

    Mod80 is Always so sensitive towards people’s feelings, always knows how to rebuke someone on a post in a nice and caring way, and adds a lot to each convo! 🙂


    am yisrael chai- You are impressive and thoughtful for starting such a heartwarming and meaningful thread.

    Daas Yochid- Your posts always stand out for being a nice combination of , logical, knowledgeable and considerate.

    Blabla and Happiest-May Hashem bentch you with health, happiness and all good.

    There are really a lot of good hearted and talented posters. It’s a pleasure to be in such good company.

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