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    I recently came upon two very disturbing videos. One was of police dragging a Chareidi man off the bus by his peyos for not showing up to the army service in Eretz Yisroel. The other was of Satmar chassidim dancing around a burning Mogen Dovid.

    Im truley saddend. It was just a short 70 years ago that Jewish men were being dragged by their peyos out of their homes and into cattle cars. In Europe. By Goyim. and now a Jew is willing to completly repeat this for the sake of what? A Jew (secular or religious) who lives in Israel,and beleives in a Jewish state, a modern state and recognizes that because we have the state we should be safe from these acts, SHOULD NOT be acting this way! This is completly against their own values!

    On the other hand, for people who so deeply beleive in Torah values and see the modern state as a cancer to yiddishkeit, that they are willing to burn the flag of israel and have this deeply rooted hatred in their hearts. These Chassidim are pure, they speicifally seperate themselves from society because society is impure. Meanwhile they go ahead and publicly burn something symbolic which is as goyish as it gets.

    I am upset. Yes we have had long conversations about whos right and whos wrong. About standing up for Hashem, and how both sides just want what is right. The problem is that no one is right. It’s absolutly not right to spit on someone if they are dressing immodestly in your city. Didn’t the torah teach you that you must give the person the beenfit of the doubt? What if they dont know better? It is absolutly not right for a government to specifcally treat charedim like bottom class and try to strip their rights and freedom of choice from them one by one. If any of them are relgious, dont they value the torah? don’t they value that there are other ways of living life?

    the problem is no one does. I hear conversations of whos right, whos wrong. Whos nromal, who isn’t. I see the seperation and it’s so saddening. I know that all I can do is make myself the best person I can be, and truly try to love every Jew, for whatever he is worth, Hashem values each one.

    The world Jewry needs a wake up call. A serious, serious wake up call. It’s time to put aside political differences. Because honestly, burning a flag isn’t going to solve ANYTHING. It’s going to leave both sides with lots of hatred in their hearts. This is more than a political hatred its a deeply rooted hatred for one sides kulahs and one sides chumrahs. For one sides over dress and for one sides under dressing.

    The only way for change is to start respecting each other. To learn about each other in a non bias way, and to see the beauty in every Jew.

    Sorry for that, but I’m truley upset and I know cofferom is always a lsitening ear.


    Dont belive every video you watch, some are staged

    A nony mouse

    OURtorah – I’m rooting for you!


    zahavasdad- yours right, but its nto even the videos (they were just the straw that broke the camels back) its just how people treat each other in real life.

    nony mouse- thank you! please join!


    It’s very sad when we don’t act the way we should. We are a holy people and should have good middos. Both observant and secular should treat each other respectfully even if they disagree. It’s one thing to calmly show you disagree with something. It’s another thing to have poor behavior. G-d doesn’t want us, on any side, to give in to angry impulses that are destructive. G-d wants us to do things properly. If we are against something, show it with proper behavior, people will receive the message better. G-d wants us to have unity, which means that we should try to respect each other even if disagreeing.

    I recently went through that with a friend. She has different views than me and it upset me. We had an argument and it really bothered me. After a while, I calmed down and thought about it. I told myself, yes she thinks differently, but she still my fellow Jew and my friend. Now Baruch Hashem, we have better conversations


    The other was of Satmar chassidim dancing around a burning Mogen Dovid. Sounds as in the same psychiatric ward where the Naturei Karta with their Palestinian flags belong.


    Why are these two the only options on the table? I guess Satmar succeeded in their media campaign painting their view as the official Chareidi viewpoint.


    halevi, chas veshalom- as I said this was a tipping point seeing them in the same day.

    Splitting Judaism into “titles” is purley artificial, for all Jews share the same Torah that was given by the singluar Hashem. While there are more observant and less observant Jews, to tack on a label does not change the reality that we are all really one.

    I have this struggle daily with my family who see me as a completly different person cuz im a “frummy”. Tacking me with a label. Meanwhile we are davening to the same God, following the same torah just at different levels. I dont see why people cant see it like that. Theres kulos, theres halacha theres chumros. Hashem puts us on this earth first and foremost to become the best us we can be. We need to stop critizing each other so much,rather focus on our own misdoings. Your right I probably shouldnt have pointed fingers, but I wasn’t generalizing. I was making a point.

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