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    I’m already nervous about the situation in Israel, but now I’m even more nervous. The month of 9 (and specifically the 9 days) has always been a time of tzaros for Am Yisrael. I really am worried about what can happen there this week.

    We just need to keep davening, and ask Hashem to keep our brothers and sisters safe.


    Daven, Do Chessed and learn Torah and don’t worry. Trust in H-shem. Appreciate the miracles He has done so far and daven that these should continue.


    This week there is a worldwide Shema said at the same time for protection for Israel and all of us —-

    In Israel it’s 7pm and so 12pm in NY


    The month of 9 I assume that you DaMoshe slipped up & meant to say the month of the Jewish 9/11, since Ov is the 11th month counting from Tishri {Not factoring in the extra Leap Adar}, so by definition, the 9th day of the 11th month, means the Jewish 9/11 [A.K.A. Tisho b’Ov]. …. If this what you DaMohse meant is worrying you, we then surely all well understand your concerns.


    I meant to say the month of Av… my mind must have been wandering, and I didn’t catch the mistake.

    The news today is not good. Another soldier captured. The fighting still continues. This is not a good time for us, and I fear things won’t get much better during the rest of the 9 days.


    It doesn’t have to go badly just because of the date.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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