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    I picture it as a fist going like (if a fist could talk) ummmmmmmmmmUUUUMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAA-bump(softly) and slightly pushing the thread up but only like an inch or so, despite the unnecessary sounds. Then the thread settles into its new position one notch above where it was before, all disheveled. Then it goes back to sleep before somebody wakes it.

    Alternatively, the thread is smacked so hard it smashes through all the layers of threads above it and reaches its new position at the top in a matter of seconds. It then stares down at all the threads below it in their broken state and begins to feel bad. Then he wonders “Oh no! I am so high up now, what if I fall??”

    The stickies are there to cushion the blow.


    I imagine it as similar to what happens to a school bus at a stop.


    I think it depends on the self confidence of the bump. Some wait restlessly, pacing back and forth in the dusty halls of the CR archives waiting to be thrust back in to the lime light and strut gloriously across our consciousness for another few weeks time. while others cower in the corner, shrinking any time a mouse hovers overhead, fearing that they will have to shake off the dust and comeback into the sunlight.



    my guess is you used to play nintendo lol

    A nony mouse

    Wow that sounds very dramatic!


    No. I do not play nintendo. I just have a very ‘interesting’ imagination (so I’ve been told)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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