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    I am very impatient (in almost everything) in life. Does anyone have ideas to share how to help myself become a patient person?

    Thank You



    I am NOT insinuating anything, however- have you ever thought about the possibility of an Anxiety Disorder…?


    What’s taking so long to get an answer!


    NOMTW: Sorry, our posts crossed. No, I have not. Why do you specifically suggest that as a possibility?


    Patience is a virtue. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

    Shticky Guy

    Become a successful doctor. Thats the best way to have a lot of patients


    You must have a good dose of israeli blood in you…;)

    don’t worry, just relax. your impatiency comes from stress and anxiety as someone I think already pointed out.. have emuna everything will fall into place when it’s suposed to fall into place.. by being impatient it shows that Emuna is sth you need to work on. hashem runs the world and decides when things should happen. you are frustrated since you want it to happen when you want it. However hashem knows what’s best so take my advice and trust in Him.. In everything, even with the small things… remember all small things lead up to big things. nothing that happens is small since it’s all part in parcel of the entire picture, every little bit is important. appreciate life and embrace it with gratitude and love. If you do this you’ll go far.


    Like every other Mida, you start with conscious efforts and that leads to subconscious and automatic behavior. Once you understand, logically, that there is no need to rush the matter and that it won’t help, tell that to yourself — almost audibly — and act accordingly (e.g. breathe slowly, tell the person that you can wait, relax in your chair, smile).

    Once you fulfill in your actions what you know in the intellect it becomes more a part of you. The more you do that the more it becomes ingrained. Eventually it will become part of your nature.

    You’ll get there sooner than you think. Be patient!


    Hershi perhaps you can arrange a meeting with you Rav. to discuss this, as he knows you better than any poster on YW. Another possibility is to get a Medical Exam from your GP. Lastly it could be Diet Related, perhaps a visit to the Health Food Store for Kosher Vitamins or other Supplements might help you with your midos.


    smoke some weed


    It’s definitely a sign of the times that two out of four of the serious responses suggest “disorders” upon mention of a desire to fix a Mida.

    <putting on helmet>


    I think more is 100% right and I think this fits right in with your other threads about road rage and anger. A person who lacks in emuna does not realize how Hashem is guiding him all the time and how everything that happens is for a reason and for his good. If you are impatient to get something, go somewhere, do something, etc, it means that you don’t understand that you will get it/do it/go only when it is the appointed time and that it is this way for a reason. If you don’t have it now, then it’s not supposed to be this way. Just because you think otherwise doesn’t mean you’re right, that’s ga’aiva.

    I think you should take a step back and look at all of these middos that you have been posting about and try to see them as parts of the whole picture of your personality and see how emuna and bitachon fit into this. Leaning Chovos HaLevovos Sha’ar HaBitachon is excellent for developing these middos (improving good ones and decreasing bad ones).

    Lots of Hatzlacha!

    (HaLeiVi – should I put on full body armor?)


    “NOMTW: Sorry, our posts crossed. No, I have not. Why do you specifically suggest that as a possibility?”

    Sometimes when you feel incredibly anxious it is impossible to focus on the task at hand. The inability to focus can make you irritable and breed even more anxiety. I’m not one for throwing the term around loosely which is why you might want to talk to a professional about it, but it was just my instinct when I read your post.

    Feel Good!


    Hi hershi.

    For starters, developing into a patient person will take patience. I hate how that happens.

    Nonetheless, if you are patient, you will become patient.



    Did you see the small paperback, “Mastering Patience”, it’s good, especially if the lack of patience leads to anger.

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