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    have got to be the best invention ever. So comfortable, such good sound quality, and best of all–can’t hear a thing my wife says.


    You won’t be able to hear anything your wife says anyway, because excessive use of in-ear headphones will make you deaf.


    Why? More than regular headphones? I turn the volume low.


    Popa- Please post the make and model. I have been searching for good earphones for a while

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    I tried turning the volume low, but then I could hear my wife.


    Yes, more than regular headphones because they go inside your ear and can therefore do significant damage to your eardrums. Lowering the volume will help, but refraining from use of the in-ear kind will help more.


    Are you saying that at the same decibel level they will cause more damage, or are you saying that I will end up listening at a higher volume?


    At the same decibel level they will cause more damage.


    hmm. lemme do more research on google and see


    slichosgenendel the beats tour earbuds are amazing. If you want something cheaper, the sony EX10LP EX Series earbud headphones are also really good (but not as good as the beats tour!)


    The new Apple earbuds (the ones that come with the new iPods) are FANTASTIC. They’re practically worth the price of the new iPod (though don’t tell that to my parents, as my new iPod was apparently quite expensive, and maybe I should try paying for it myself for a change, and these things don’t grow on trees, yada yada yada. Love ya guys and you’re awesome).

    I would totally use headphones, but I don’t have room for them and my head is weirdly shaped so that the mini collapsible ones ALWAYS fall off.



    If you want good in ear headphones be prepared to pay for them. I personally would recommend the Westone UM1 model. They are top of the line and compare to models that are a lot more expensive than it. They aren’t cheap but you will see from the online reviews that they are excellent and they have my haskamah as well.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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