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    Mix baking soda with water, spread on your oven tray or whatever and leave to dry. Then rub (not rinse) off with steel wool or seomthing similarly abrasive. It dries out the dirt which then falls off when you rub.

    It does the job just as well as those nasty, dangerous, poisonous, fat dissolving, vile smelling oven cleaners.

    It’s also pretty good as enbalming, I believe

    Shticky Guy

    Yes it is a highly useful and versatile substance. One of its uses has even been pointed out in popa’s mice in my house thread by purim mashgiach… to put out a bowl of baking powder and a bowl of vinegar, go to bed and the mice will soon be history!


    one of u are talking about soda and the other about powder…


    yep. i’m talking about baking soda – sodium bicarbonate.

    i didn’t see the purim thread, but once you’ve done in mouse with baking powder, you could embalm it with the soda.


    Even David Hamelech wrote a song about it: Mizmor l’Soda


    MDG: 🙂

    thinking about it, the powder is actually the soda with other things added


    Put it in the fridge and any gross smells will go away (just change it every so often).

    It might work in other places but I’ve never tried.


    Add water until pasty to get toothpaste and an excellent stain remover.


    And it is a great stomach soother. Sodium Bicarbonate.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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