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    I think you meant the comments, not the commenters. I also think approving
    most of the posts, especially worded that way, may not be an option.

    No, I meant “comments.” The comments in question would not allow
    me to take seriously anything written by the people who wrote them.
    Perhaps I could try again under a less offensive title (and the old
    thread could be deleted)?

    Care to elaborate?

    Yes. (I’ve tried.)

    I think this comment fits your description. [Randomex:] “Would YWN
    term all Israelis who dislike/oppose chareidim ‘self-hating Jews?’”

    I was questioning whether YWN had a reason other than what was mentioned
    in the article to call the person in question a self-hating Jew, or if they consider
    the criterion mentioned the only one needed (which it seems is indeed the case: ).
    Please explain why someone might find such a question utterly nonsensical
    in such a way that you wouldn’t have to call Republicans who dislike/oppose
    Democrats “self-hating Americans.”

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