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    Is this still an issue? what’s the problem with using indian hair on your wig?

    I’d compare it to buying a church and converting it into a shul. we are buying that hair we are not making use of it for the same purpose as the indians. so what’s the shtick? I understand that it was used for avoda zara, however however what about using christmas decorations in your succa, and haloween outfits for purim, the list can be endless… does anyone have any insight into this??


    I dont really know the answer, but you make some good points. As far as I see it, the only problem would be the feathers.


    There are varying opinions as to whether or not the hair was, in fact, used for avodas zorah. However, in no case can a Jew be mevatel an avodas zorah. Only the oveid of that particular avodas zorah can be mevatel, so your non- avodas zorah use of (possibly)avodas zorah hair does not cancel the (possible) issur.


    ” the only problem would be the feathers”

    Very funny!

    I’m surprised this story is making a comeback. Boy, do I remember the 1st time around!


    Rav Eliashiv retracted, no problem, old issue.


    dont get your point about the decorations, if the hair thing is avoda zara, then it is assur, if it is not then it is muttar.

    nothing to do with something else. two wrongs dont make one right..


    The issue was weather they were donating their hair to avodah zarah, or (being poor and having nothing else to sell) they were selling their hair and donating the money to avodah zarah (i.e. upkeep of an idol, as charity to the poor). Of course, the shrine conveniently had barbers on hand to cut the hair. Those defending the use of hair from India would argue that cutting the hair was not part of the avodah zarah (worship of the idol) but was just something done for economic reasons by those who would otherwise be unable to have disposable currency to donate to the shrine and its charities.

    Shticky Guy

    BTGuy: the only problem would be the feathers. LOL again! Though presumably that’s what the tomahawk is for…


    I think the answer is that anything used for avoda zara must be burned (if it’s in your reshus) and can NEVER be used for anything, nor have any benefit derived from it.

    xmas decorations, and haloween costumes were never used for anything ossur, and therefore may be bought and used for our Yom Tovim.


    forget the hair, what if they wanted to scalp someone!!



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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    Rav Eliashiv retracted, no problem, old issue.

    Do you have a source? I never heard (from a reliable source) about a retraction.


    I spoke to my rosh yeshiva this morning and he said, no issue. I’m glad I don’t have to spend a fortune on a qaulity wig now, I can pick up a qaulity one for cheap. BTW: indian hair is MUCH cheaper, even the ones that are good qaulity… Does anyone know if it’s actually linked to the boycot??


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