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    I’m looking to plan a relatively inexpensive chasuna in Israel, and would appreciate any leads on halls/venues at least relatively close to Yerushalayim or the Mercaz. Any information about rates would also be greatly appreciated!


    Is it because you spent too much on the shadchan under the new NASI project???

    Haven’t been there in years, but in my days there was Gutnick, near Har Naf, there was Tamir on Golda Meir, and if you wanted music, you would go to that small kibbutz outside Yerushalayim ,near ein Kerem. Hatzlacha and Mazel Tov!!!


    Bnei Brak has tons of like multi-wedding halls..very cheap.Maybe also Ulam Beis Yisroel in Ezras Torah.You can have music to.


    Not sure if Tamir is so cheap, you’d have to take cheap catering. I know that Yad Eliezer does provide catering, probably good prices, worth a call, their food was yummy at a chasanah I was at in the summer.

    The kibbutz that zaidy mentions is called Moshav Ora. Don’t know their prices.

    There’s another hall near Gutnick called Armanot Wolf. Everyone I know who has no $ uses that hall.

    There is the new thing of Friday morning chassanahs, but I heard from someone that they’re not so nice – no real seuda, not sure about music, sort of plain, depends on what you’re looking for. The halls are pushing it a bit and giving them for dirt cheap from what I’ve heard during the summer.

    There’s a hall in Kiryat Sefer/Modi’in that some people are using, not always so convenient, but if you’ve got people coming from B’nei Brak as well as Yerushalayim, it’s right in the middle.

    Mazel Tov and hatzlacha with the preparations.


    There are now hall offering Friday wedding for very cheap some may even still have free offers available.


    Hi everyone,

    Definitely appreciate all the responses. Moshav Ora definitely sounds worth looking into, as does the one near Kiryat Sefer/Modiin (if anyone knows more specifically where this is or what it’s called, that would be a huge help). Right now doing the planning from the states so there are just less resources for finding out things. Do any of the venues let you bring in your own caterer?

    Do you think a $10,000 maximum budget is practical? We’re aiming to go as inexpensive as possible while still having it be nice, as we’d rather put any other money towards an eventual house one day…

    Thanks again!


    yeshivawonderer- I have a novel idea…Pick up the phone and make a few phone calls instead of getting speculation from the CR.


    my wife taan’s that in talpiot something like yarok ba’ir. never heard of it though.


    Here’s a few #s for you, just to give you a head start. All #s are listed with Israeli area code, so if you’re calling from America, drop the 0.

    There is one hall in Modiyin Ilit. I’m not sure that this is the one my friend’s daughter got married in, but it’s the only one I founded listed in this part of EY. It’s called Nof Ilit. Phone # 08-979-7992.

    Ora, Moshav Ora’s hall’s # is 6419962.

    There are tons of #s listed in the Madrich Chareidi. Just know that you will probably have to bring your own caterer for these halls. Most catering is Eda Hachareidit kashrus. You have to decide if this is what you want, depending on which people you will have coming that you want to be able to eat there. Oif Simchas is supposed to be one of the cheaper caterers from what I’ve been told.

    Mazel Tov and hatzlacha with the preparations.


    Has anyone ever been to a wedding at Kibbutz Gezer?

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