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    Looking to ideas/suggestions. Not too far from Lakewood 8/8 – 8/12. Kids (girls) ages are 14, 8 and 1.

    Must be near minyanim.


    Cheap and near Minyan in NY area is almost impossible. The cheapest vacations is camping , you can get campsites for under $20 a day (I dont camp so I dont know exact amount), but Minyans are a problem.

    There are very few vacation destinations near a Minyan, frum jews geenrally dont live in vacation destinations, even NYC which is a major tourist destination most of the minyans are in Brooklyn and not Manhattan (There are some Minyans in Manhattan)

    You MIGHT find some minyans near Philly or Washington DC. But not in the tourist area. All the sites in Washtington DC are Free, but hotels cost a bit more

    golden mom

    pennsylvania soo much to do and there r minyanim and kosher food


    There are plenty of Manhattan miyanim (and Kosher restaurants). Check the Agudah or OU’s Minyan Guide.


    What do you consider inexpensive? Are you looking to stay in a hotel and if so, how many rooms do you plan to take? They may not let you all stay in one room.


    Go camping its fun and entertaining what could be more fun than to see someone get eaten by a bear

    If you want a cheap vacation first decide on your budget then things get easier to decide

    My family took a really long time to decide on summer plans

    in the end we are going to Greece, we are renting a villa there with a private pool

    that was what our budget looks like but we also thought of going camping


    Ooh yeah Pennsylvania it so fun you can go to Hersheys Park stay at an Amish b&b you can go white water rafting you can see all kinds of colonial junk aka artifacts

    And they have some really cool science museums

    You could also think of renting an R.V and going to Washington

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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