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    Hi, I just started dating and I’m looking at some resumes and I realize I know nothing about BY high schools & girl’s camps. Can anyone help me out with some info, like how BY, academic, fancy/not fancy, etc..



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    Are you really going to reject/accept a girl on the basis of what camp she went to?

    How about just evaluating her as she is now? Or to paraphrase: Ba’asher Hi Shamah.

    The Wolf

    Sister Bear

    There are many Bais Yaakov camps out there that are basically the same with slight differences amongst the girls, they just attract a different personality type.

    Also, don’t write someone off because they went to Camp X because it’s a modern camp or something. I know many good frum girls that went to a not Bais Yaakov camp but are Bais Yaakov girls through and through.


    Moshe85, I am assuming from your “name” that you are 25 years old and you are just starting to date. Is there a reason that your mom is not helping you with this process? Usually, a mother will have a handle with the school, camp, seminary issues. If there is a reason that your mom is not in the picture, is there an aunt, cousin, sister or sister-in-law you can trust to guide you through this?

    Again, if these options are not available to you, I would suggest that you speak to your friends’ wives, or neighbors who might know you a little bit and have an idea of what you are like and what you are looking for. They would best be able to tell you what circle of schools, camps, seminaries you should be looking into.

    Please understand that the questions I have asked do not require a response. They are just question to think about that only you need to know the answer to.


    there is no right or wrong answer. you need to consult with someone who know YOU, and then can tell you in YOUR terms whether a girl (camp, school…) is in line with YOUR hashkafos

    by the way

    um just saying that just because a girl went to a certain school or camp doesnt mean that she is that “type”. she could have gone there on somebody’s recommendation and found out later that it was a mistake. i know cases like that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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