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    Can someone tell me what yeshivas chaim berlin is all about and what makes it different to any other yeshivas?

    How many boys are there? What type of boy is it for? Modern, baal teshuva, chasidish…?

    Do they do any secular learning there? How many years is it for?

    Is it a ketana yeshiva or is it for older boys?

    Thank You

    John Doe

    If your not related to a Fruchtandler, you don’t have a chance.



    It’s very similar to Torah Ve’Daas or Torah Temimah. It has many excellent rebbes and teachers. It has a pre-school, elementary, and high school.

    There are some chasidish rebbes, but it is not a chasidish yeshiva. It is your “basic” black hat yeshiva.

    I personally sent all my boys to the elementary division and had absolutely no regrets.


    Yeshiva Chaim Berlin is the pre eminent yeshiva in the us with the gadol hador as its Rodsh Yeshiva and a staff of gevaldige talmedai chachomim. its record speaks for itself and lucky you are if you go there. (and the gashmeos there is world class too).

    New York Yid

    Yeshiva Chaim Berlin is an excellent yeshiva with a wonderful history, a great reputation, fantastic mechanchim, and a great parent body.


    Are you talking about the yeshiva ketana (elementary), Mesifta (high school) or bais medresh? While there is a common theme running through out, it makes a difference on what you want to know.


    The Yeshiva k’tana and Mesivta is excellent. The Bais Medrash and Kollel is very shtark.

    miss anony

    Does anyone know if the elementary chaim berlin has transportation to Boro Park?


    In General Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin is a wonderful Yeshiva with amazing rebbis. However, in every yeshiva you will, unfortunately ,find some bad apples. My sons are in Chaim Berlin and I have no regrets in sending them there.

    Feif Un

    Chaim Berlin is a good place if you are a good learner who intends to sit and learn for a long time. If you’re not the greatest learner, and have a hard time sitting through a seder, it’s not for you.


    Feif: The more recent poster was asking about the elementary school. Don’t think that’s such an issue there.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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