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    I need some information on the Moreh Nevuchim. Has anyone studied it? Can you recommend a sefer that is a good pirush on the Moreh Nevuchim?

    What about sefarim that are similar to the Moreh Nevuchim?

    Any info is appreciated.


    The only way to have a hope of understanding the Moreh is if you see it as a continuation of the relevant halachos in the Yad. Review hilchos yesodei Torah, Hilchos deios and hilchos teshuva. Write down all the stiros, and all your questions. Then start learning the Moreh. I haven’t done it, but the Rambam himself said that it was a deeper look at those subjects.


    Try to set up a chabura with someone who has been there before, and the best translation, imho, is the Kapach. Also having access to an Arabic and Judaic Arabic speaker/reader can come in handy.


    There are a few translations of the Moreh (written in Arabic) with the most recent one by R”Josef Kappach.It is a wonderful translation (Kappach spoke Arabic fluently) and he has excellent footnotes. You are forewarned,however: It is a difficult sefer to learn because it deals in pure logic, something we have forgotten to do.

    Try it in small doses, it is best absorbed slowly.


    Rav Kafih was also the expert on the Rambam of recent times. Period. His edition of Mishneh Torah (with his own perush, giving every single source) is the most authoritative since he had many manuscripts some of which were in the Rambam’s own handwriting.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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