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    I have this inner struggle every year at around now when it’s starting (or should be) getting warmer outside. I know that it is possibly halachically incorrect for me to walk around in a short skirt and no stockings and every year I go back and forth with myself about whether I should or should not wear a long skirt without stockings. Right now I do wear a long skirt without socks and am debating what to do about with a short skirt. Can anyone please give me some suggestions of how I can talk to my yetzer hara and overcome this struggle for the better?

    Please don’t tell me how I’m not frum etc or how I’m a bad person. Please give helpful suggestions that you think I might gain from.


    Pashuteh Yid

    For a long skirt (below the knee), you technically don’t need any socks, according to Reb Moshe. However, the norm in the frum world is to wear socks, but the material shouldn’t matter, unless you are Chassidish.


    Since tznius directly protects your body,think of it as an advertised beauty solution to “beautiful forever”.Many honest people have admitted that the parts of their guf they were most careful with “survived” the longest.Can’t explain more on a public forum.


    I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions.

    I do want to wish you, that Hashem should help you and those who struggle with similar issues, to overcome them easily, smoothly and calmly.


    Sorry for the confusion. I’m talking about not wearing socks at all and I’ve learned that it goes according to minhag hamakom and in NY minhag hamakom is to wear something covering the leg…

    Sister Bear

    Say today I won’t. And just try to overcome it day by day. It’s okay if you slip, the main thing is to get back up.


    Thanks for the ideas. And Hada- thanks too!



    Tell me about it…I struggle with similar Tznius issues every single day. Maybe this thread will help. Good Luck!!


    I’m talking about not wearing socks at all and I’ve learned that it goes according to minhag hamakom and in NY minhag hamakom is to wear something covering the leg…

    I really know very little about this.

    But, I am skeptical that a place like NY could possibly have a minhag hamakom.

    It would seem to me that if this is a very hard thing for you, that maybe you should find out if you can be meikel.


    The struggle is very strong and hard to combat if you never firmly made up your mind once and for all. Think back to where you did make such a decision and you will see that once it was Gepaskened and sealed it wasn’t nearly as hard. Do that here, too. Figure out what you actually want to do and what you are holding by doing, then you mentally sign and notarize that decision. Don’t make your decision while you are in middle of figuring out what to put on.


    think about what you would want your daughters to do.

    brooklyn magid


    i dont have any practical suggestions

    but i would like to say that your post game me a lot of chizuk

    i see there are other peple who still have inner strugles and still are in the middle of the battle.

    thank you for your post

    kol hakovod

    keep up the fight we need more people like you !!!!


    Haleivi- Great advice

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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