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    Lately, my grocery shopping experience is turning into an increasingly frustrating and annoying experience.

    Most grocery owners don’t want to get involved in the nitty-gritty of dealing with the sales-people with regard to ordering and shelf layout. So, increasingly, they rely on their shelf stockers to make these decisions.

    I don’t have a problem with any of this except that it makes the owners more dependent on these employees as they know what’s doing in the store better than the boss. This in turn makes them feel all cocky about themselves which too many times translates into “attitude”.

    Once, I was looking for a specific product but couldn’t find it. I respectfully asked the guy that was in charge of that aisle where I could find it and he answered me in a indecipherable English (if you could call it that). I didn’t understand (I was after all shopping in an American store and naively thought that English would be the spoken language) so I asked him to show it to me. He got it for me and when he gave it to me, he hit me over the head with his cap.

    I never went back to that store. But I find that there is almost no politeness in groceries. Does anybody have the same opinion or is it my problem?


    chill, he was just joking with you


    The nerve of the guy, to joke around with you! And he was Mexican, too!


    click vegetbale- I think you need to take a step back for a second and breathe. What you did just now seems to be a rant on how you were feeling in the moment (and clearly after many moments like this you sort of just burst).

    While everyone should and is entitled to their moements of outbreak, you should reevalute what you just said. I will give you my approach to any worker in any store including grocery stores. I Baruch Hashem am not the frustrated type, therefore I dont mind long lines, even when Im short on time. I just make the best of every situation. In life you will come across people who annoy you and challenge your personal issues (like anger, impatience etc.) It is important that you take time out of your life to recognize these issues and learn to work on them, so when you are in contact with someone in a grocery store, you are able to handle youself and come out stronger and less frustrated. People who work in grocery stores do not want to be there. I came across a lady behind a counter today who was exhasted and did not want to be anywhere but there. You need to feel for the workers, it is not an ideal for them. So yes it can be frustrating, but make these people feel btr, give them a smile, give them some words of encouragment. And seriously, don’t feel bad if it frustrates you, cuz ur entitlated, but Hashem is sending you a message that this is an area you must be working on!

    I hope this helps!

    live right

    contrarily, I find the shelf stockers very eager to help. but I see THAT as a problem.


    There is a chance he was just be playful with you especially if you are the opposite gender. You have to realize that people from different countries have a different way of communicating. Its also completely possible that he was annoyed with you. I don’t know because I wasn’t there but try to think if he displayed annoyance with you outwardly at any point which would lead to the conclusion that he was being rude? If not it is likely he was kidding around.


    I used to work in a grocery store and I want to tell you that it is so hard to be on your feet for hours and to deal with managers who treat you like garbage. It is emotionally and physically draining and you really cannot understand how hard it is until you’ve been there. It doesn’t excuse mistreating customers (I never intentionally did that) but try to have a little sympathy.

    Little Froggie

    He (assuming it was a he) wanted to click on vegetable.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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