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    While we are thinking of ways to improve, one thing we can all try to work on is the focus on the good points in our fellow Jews. For example, he does so much chesed, or she is so patient with others etc. It’s so easy for people to focus the negative, like they always double park, ugh. But when we focus on each other’s good points, we succeed a little more in building unity. And with unity, we are strong.

    Also, besides that, another great thing is to look out for anyone who could use a friend or listening ear and support. There are many situations where someone is going through a hard and just needs someone to show they care. Caring for each other truly shows we are the eternal people


    What’s the therefore of the OP?


    I like this one.

    This works on groups of Jews as well. Any group of Jew that has a philosophy I’m not fond of, I try to see what it is they do that I do like. Everyone brings something good to the world. Find the good in people, so people can find the good in you.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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