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    does any one know any stories with a nice message regarding to sinas chinam, friendship, bullying, including everyone etc.



    Recently, the city of Bnei Brak has been cracking down on shop owners who display their merchandise on the streets. This caused many stores to keep all their merchandise inside to avoid fines, crowding the store. This is especially true of fruit and vegetable stores.

    One such fruits and vegetable shop made an offer to a neighboring store to buy his space so he could expand. Since he could no longer put his merchandise outside, his store was not big enough. Buying the neighboring store would allow him enough space to operate.

    Despite various pressures applied by the fruit guy, and by known crime families on his behalf, the store owner refused all offers.

    Eventually he could not take the threats any longer, so he went to Rav Wosner and laid it all out before him, describing the threats. Rav Wosner told him to open a case with the beis din and send a summons to the fruit guy.

    The fruit guy refused to appear before the beis din, despite having been summoned a few times. All the while, he continued trying to put pressure and threats on the neighboring store to sell.

    Rav Wosner’s response to the refusal of the fruits guy to appear before beis din while continuing his harassment was to say “don’t worry. If he refuses to be judged on this below, there is also a judgement up above.”

    A few days later the fruits and vegetables guy died of a heart attack.


    In the town of Rabbi Akiva Eiger there lived a very wealthy man who was very stingy and would charge interest when lending money to his fellow Jew. When he died, the Chevra Kadisha in revenge for his wicked behavior, charged an exorbitant price to bury him far more than they usually charged to even the wealthy residents of the town. His children protested bitterly, to no avail. Ultimately the feuding sides went to the Rov of the town, Rabbi Akiva Eiger, to hear his thoughts on the matter.


    557 – There is a similar story about the ???? ??? – somebody went to him to ask for a ??, which her husband didn’t want to give. The Chazon Ish summoned the man, who refused to give a ??.

    The Chazon Ish told the man sternly: “There are two ways a woman can go free from her husband. Either with a divorce – or with the death of the husband.”

    Two minutes later, the man walked out to the street from the Chazon Ish, where he was killed .



    This is how i heard the story:

    The Chafetz Chayim z”l, who was known for always using his time to the fullest, (He was able to give only a minute of his life away not because he was stingy, but because he understood how much a person can achieve in one minute.)was also known to spnd his whole Yom Kippur deeply immersed in prayer and getting into thoughts of teshuvah the whole time.The night of Yom Kippur, he usually did not sleep and utilized every second of the holy day.

    One Yom Kippur, after Neilah, as all the men started to go home, the Chafetz Chayim continued to pray and was ready to spend his whole night in the shul. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed one man who sat on the side looking deeply depressed. He quickly went over to the man and asked what was wrong. The man proceeded to tell him that everything was fine. The Chafetz Chayim continued to show care for the man, and throughout the ENTIRE Yom Kippur night, the Chafetz Chayim did NOT spend it praying tehillim, he did NOT spend it thinking of thoughts of tshuvah, he spent it talking to a fellow Jew, helping him and giving him chizuk as the minutes ticked by of his precious Yom Kippur!

    Let us be inspired to listen and encourage our friends, lift them up when they’re down and show them they’re important in our eyes b”H!!

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    who is 557?


    Check out books like For Goodness Sake, Touched by a Story, etc




    Yekke: That story is older than the Chazon Ish. My great-grandfather told me that he heard it as a kid about R’ Akiva Eiger. I’d guess it’s one of those that gets recycled using the contemporary Gedolim of the time. The story is the important part there anyway, not who it was about.

    557: I find that second story about R’ Akiva Eiger impossible to believe.


    Rebbi Akiva Eiger told the man – vekoneh es atzmah bishnei derachim beget uvemisas habaal – the man walked out of the court fell over the step and was killed

    the man’s family sued Rebbi Akiva Eiger

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