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    Could anyone tell me if there is anything seriously wrong with listening to non-Jewish song with neutral or even inspiring lyrics.

    Is anything wrong with listening to David Guetta singing Titanium?

    What is the difference between The Maccabeats singing ‘Bad Day’, and Daniel Powter singing it. Or Lipa turning “A-Wee-Ma-Wa” from Lion King, to “Abi Melebt”. Or even MBD singing the Jewish lyrics “Yidden” to a cloned rap song. ?

    Who set the standard for what a Jewish song is?

    A Yiddish’e Ta’am you say?

    Then why are so many Chassidishe Marches identical to old Russian Marches? And why is Sefardi music so similar to Arabic Music? Isn’t it because we adopt the music of our surroundings?


    If my parents’ Yiddish’e Ta’am is some version of a 1900’s turkish song, then why can’t my Yiddesh’e Taam be Justin Beiber?


    Gangnam Style.

    But I presume the Beastie Boys are considered Jewish music.


    same exact question as u!! answers anyone…??

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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