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    Heard something inspiring or thought provoking? Please share it with us


    Aishes Chayil

    Yes, it was a story that just happened in a certain yeshiva.

    A few monthes ago, a young yeshiva boy( lets call him Chaim) fell into a coma and was diagnosed with Meningities. Nissim lead to his well being today. He BH walks the streets as if nothing happened.

    The night before his collapse, a well known and respected Rebbe came to the dream of his roomate(lets call him Sholom) and told him to get rid of the sheidim in the Bais Medrosh of the yeshiva. The dream continues when Sholom asks Chaim to come down with him to help as he is scared to go alone.

    The two boys go down and as they appraoch the Aron, Sholom notices how the sheidim are attacking Chaim to the point where he ends up on the floor. That minute, Sholom awoke from his dream in a sweat and realized that after such an experience, he must go to the Mikveh.

    As Sholom left the building to go, he noticed how Chaim was taken into an ambulance on a stretcher. He turned white like a ghost and brought the story to the Hanholoh.

    BH, Chaim was Zoicheh to a full recovery. When he was released from the hospital, Sholom told him about the dream and mentioned the name of the specific Rebbe who warned him.

    Chaim went to see that Rebbe and he indeed confirmed that THIS particular Yeshiva is not for him. He told him it was best for him to choose another Mokom Torah.

    Chaim took the Rebbes advice and the impact was phenomenal.

    When Chaim went inot his room to pack, he fainted!


    Wow, as I read your story I got chills.


    that’s an amazing story!

    i myself have so much to write (i recently got back from seminary!) but i’ll start off with one inspiring thought. one of our guest speakers once told us “if we were perfect, we’d be dead”

    think about it. the whole reason we are here in this world is to better ourselves, and to become closer to H-Shem, using our special, personalized package with which H-Shem sent us down here .

    of course we all have flaws, and we all make mistakes. but we are here to fix our flaws, and learn from our mistakes. there is a purpose for every flaw and mistake. if any of us were perfect, there would be no purpose in our existence at all! (keeping this in mind before you judge someone about something really helps)

    so, next time you make a mistake, just daven that everything works out, and thank H-Shem for giving you the opportunity to learn and grow!


    This is a re-post from a previous thread (which for whatever reason, did not get a lot of activity.. Maybe this thread will get it more mileage)

    Comes morning, they see each other, and die of grief. Sad to say the least.

    Asks Rav Soloveitchik, why is the kinnah, as heartbreaking as it is, placed where it it? Its in between a kinnah that talks about the crusades massacre and the Asoreh Harigey Malchus. Why is the story of two unnamed children placed among the stories of national impact?

    Answers the Rav, because yiddishkeit IS ABOUT THE INDIVIDUAL. And to illustrate this point, the kinnah of these two children are placed in such a prominent spot, so we never underestimate the value of each member.


    I was reading pirkei d’rav elazar. (Maybe during mussaf on rosh hashana?)

    R’ elazar ben horkinus was raised as an am haaretz. But he wanted to learn Torah. He thought it was too late; he was 28 according to this braisah.

    One day he was plowing a rocky field and realized, if a plow can soften this ground, I can learn Torah. So he sat down and cried and didn’t eat and eventually ran away to R’ Yochanan ben Zachai to learn. The story continues that he didn’t even know Shema.

    My thought was that if he knew nothing, and obviously wasn’t really keeping mitzvos, since he didn’t know Shema, how could he have so wanted to learn Torah?

    He didn’t even know what Torah is!

    I’m not sure how to explain it, but it is apparent that humans are capable of very pure emotions which I would have thought were just delusions.

    The first lesson is not to be so suspicious of others’ emotions.

    The better lesson is not to be so suspicious of your own good emotions. (Or at least to be suspicious that it is pure also.)

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