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    for all of you who have been begging for an intellectual conversation/thread, hetre it is. discuss anything intellectual that you like.


    Hmm, now we can ponder the meaning of life, or happiness.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Do we have to be sober?


    Why do people allow “a sharp mind” to make them arrogant or not “tolerate fools”?

    Their INTELLECT is from Hashem,and Hashem giveth and He takes awayeth….


    the meaning of life


    ? ?/la?f/ Show Spelled [lahyf] Show IPA noun, plural lives ?/la?vz/ Show Spelled[lahyvz] Show IPA, adjective


    the condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally.


    the sum of the distinguishing phenomena of organisms, esp. metabolism, growth, reproduction, and adaptation to environment.


    the animate existence or period of animate existence of an individual: to risk one’s life; a short life and a merry one.


    a corresponding state, existence, or principle of existence conceived of as belonging to the soul: eternal life.


    the general or universal condition of human existence: Too bad, but life is like that.


    any specified period of animate existence: a man in middle life.


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    The (literal-minded) Wolf


    And the meaning of happiness (lifted from wiktionary)


    happiness (uncountable)

    The emotion of being happy; joy.

    Good luck; good fortune; prosperity.


    wolf- can we have a few more definitions im not sure i understand the meaning yet??


    wolf- can we have a few more definitions im not sure i understand the meaning yet??

    You’ll have to search other sites or reference works. Those were the only ones on

    The Wolf


    i guess ill have to try to figure out what it means with just these definitions


    Some of the best intellectual discussions take place in a tipsy frame of reference.


    People are happy when they feel they are moving foward or others around them are making progress.

    Supposively, depression is caused by spiritual stagnation or decline.

    And no responses about chemical imbalances. This is the intelectual thread…


    “Do we have to be sober?”

    Yeah, cuz we wouldn’t want to have to ban chayav inish livisumay.


    I’m in the middle of a sefer by Rav Chaim Freidlander zt”l. He brings – I think it was from the Ramcha”l- that before the cheit Adam HaRishon’s guf was like our ruchniyos and his ruchniyos was ever more ruchniyos.

    From this I understand that until halfway through the third perek the entire description of the brias ha’olam and the the cheit was all on -what we call- a ruchniyosdik level and it wasn’t until after the cheit that the briyah was nisgashem.

    This means that all the trees, fish birds earth etc. were all spiritual entities and only became the physical things we see today after the cheit.

    What do you say?


    the answer is 42.

    hamevin yavin


    i scratch my head when i am nervous…


    Derech HaMelech: For nistar to seemingly — I don’t want any charges of kefira — contradict nigleh is nothing new to me, but this vort seems to contradict a lot of nistar too!

    binahyeseira: Was the fish gefilte or herring?


    dunno i appreciate that


    Wolf, that seems to a a list of usages rather than definitions.



    What’s the stirah?


    ItcheSrulik: :). I was afraid nobody would get it.


    Derech, that’s not what the Ramchal himself writes in his Derech Hashem.


    He quotes the daas tvunos on page 113 (Sifsei Chaim Emunah uB’chira p . 218)

    ????? ?? ???????? ?? ???”? ???? ???? ??’ ???? ???????? ??? ?? ???”

    From there I thought that if his guf was what we would call ruchniyusdik now then its not so far from logic to say that the rest of the briah was the same.


    “where do you think its heading? “

    I have no idea — I’m not a Navi.

    But I agree with the editor’s assessment that this is a very dangerous time.


    Charlie, it sounds like you meant to post in the thread about the Egypt crisis.

    Mods, this is the second time today that this happened. Could it be a software issue?


    In Derech Hashem, he writes straight out that everything that it says there, the tree, fruit, and eating, were physical happenings.

    T’was quite a while since I went through the Daas Tvunos, but the Ramchal does say that the world was more Ruchniusdic. That doesn’t mean it was less physical. It means that the world was closely connected to its purpose, and when you looked at an object its Ruchnius aspect was very clear and shone through it.


    Here is a passage from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. You can safely assume it is intellectual.

    What without asking hither hurried whence,

    and without asking whither hurried hence,

    oh many a cup of this forbidden wine,

    must drown the memory of that insolence.

    I found this while reading Moby Dick. For a while it was hanging on the door to my room in yeshiva to let my roommates know if one of us was sleeping.


    Are you adding that “it doesn’t mean it was less physical…” or is that what he says? The Sifsei Chaim doesn’t speak about the whole world, just Adam HaRishon and it was me that was drawing the parallels to the briah. This is what the SifSei Chaim quotes from the Ramcha”l:

    …and you’ll see that the gufniyus of Adam before the cheit was at the level of ruchniyus that he has now (after the cheit). Go and think how his ruchniyus was…because just like we see that his gufniyus of then (before the cheit) was like the ruchniyus of now…

    This is what the Sifsei Chaim adds:

    …At every level a man is made up of a guf and neshama. The essence of both of them is according to [each person’s] madreiga. When a person goes up to a higher world then the body of the new [higher] world goes up the level of the neshama that was previous.

    He brings a number of times throughout the perek Chanoch, Moshe and Eliyahu who were mezakech their gufim so much that they were able to go up to shamayim in them. It is easier for me to understand that their gufim became dakusdik like ruchniyos through their aliyos than that their gufim remained actual gashmiusdik gufim like mine that then went into the purely ruchniyusdik place we call shamayim.


    The words that you quote from me are, in fact, my own. The explanation that followed comes from the Ramchal’s description of Olam Haba’a. He writes that there will be a physical world, but the physical dimension will be like the glass of a light bulb, where you barely even notice that it’s there.

    By the way, it says of Eliyahu Hanavi, that he puts on a body when he enters this realm. Moshe Rabbeinu went to Shamaim only with is mind and soul; his body was on the mountain. Just like a character on a page can’t pick up the paper, there is simply no place for a body on a plane of existence that doesn’t support matter.

    I’m heading now to go learn through the relevant passages in the Daas Utvunos, but you should go through the Derech Hashem. Deal?


    I wasn’t able to find your description of olam habah in the Derech Hashem. However, the Sifsei Chaim has a really interesting piece on that where he explains the ‘chad charuv’ in the elef hashishi and then he explains the purpose of the elef hashvi’i through asiri. He explains like you say (probably based on the Ramcha’l) that there will be some bechinah of gashmiyus but it becomes smaller and smaller.

    The body that you are referring to is called a chalukah d’rabbanan. That is for getting around int he olam haruchni as your paper example explains as necessary.

    The whole point of the Ramchal though is that in olam habah and before the cheit the guf itself would become dak like the neshama is now and the neshama becomes even more dak. To me it seems that this is what happened to Eliyahu. Since he never died he must have reached a situation of before the cheit in which case the properties of his guf would follow the laws of how the neshama was supposed to affect the guf.

    The most I was able to find in the Derech Hashem was in Perek gimel sif zayin, ches and maybe tes. But that seemed to suggests more like what I was saying.


    I thought I had indeed commented on the crisis in Egypt. I’m not sure what happened.


    guys we r falling off topic here…


    I finally got hold of a Daas Tvunos. He says it basically just as you described it. He doesn’t say it was like a Neshama, though. He says, like a Malach.

    My description was from other places in the Ramchal, where he writes that the Ruchnius is the main and the material is Battul to it.

    Pashuteh Yid

    I have no clue what all this ruchniyus talk means. I have even less clue how it relates to a yid’s tafkid in life, which is to do chessed.

    always here

    & I have no clue about ‘Pashuteh Yid’ vs. ‘apushatayid’! who had the name first in the CR?

    Pashuteh Yid

    There are a number of Pashuteh Yid names here. I believe I was not the first, but I did not know of the existence of the others until I registered. However, I have been here for probably close to 3 years or more. I once had to reregister as (PY 2.0) because of a blocking issue, and may have to again. I have not been able to post on the main board. I wanted to post a tribute to Reb Zechariah Fendel ZTL.

    But one thing is that I am more pashut then Apushatayid. In addition there is at least one other poster with an almost identical name who is female, I believe.

    always here

    oy! & ty


    We are here for more than being nice to each other. Knowing the big picture gives you an understanding of what you are here for, and that is why the Ramchal wrote his Sefer.


    A nice example of the types of convos we should be having… Discussing actual sources rather than opinionated nonsense…


    Last night, I stood in my bathtub and glared down at the two blue bottles in my hands. I knew that one was shampoo and one was body washbut, my glasses were on the other side of the room and I couldn’t tell which was which.

    I learned a jolly good lesson that night…. friends! Shampoo and body wash are very much the same!

    I came out smelling like…myself. And I still haven’t noticed any adverse affects.

    Maybe this is all just a giant conspiracy from the goyishe companies who want us to spend more money.


    I use Head & Shoulders, as it’s the only thing that keeps the dandruff away for me…and believe me I’ve tried plenty! So in my case there’s a pretty serious nafka mina between shampoo and body wash.



    You are more than welcome to restart the torah! It sure beats that other ‘bashing’ thread…


    I was considering starting a thread sharing chidushim that Chassidus Chabad has to offer…but that would only work if there was a way to seriously manage it, and since I have no control over who can post etc. I don’t think it’ll happen. Because anyone can easily start mentioning moshiach nonsense and there we go again…


    Can happiness. be other than ephemeral



    “Because anyone can easily start mentioning moshiach nonsense and there we go again…”

    I think it will depend on the topic, – if you will just mention Tanya regarding “Beninim” etc and keep the controversial topics out, you should not have an issue. (There are already other threads out there for bashing.. as we speak.)

    Also, if you will name it “Chabad” that too will attract the bashers as well…

    Moreover, I think you always have an option of closing a thread..


    It is time:

    Define happiness?

    I will start with the Rambam (recently learned and quoted by many). The Rambam paskens that if one has a choice of either giving additional Matanos l’evyonim or Mishlocach manos, he should rather give l’evyonim. The reason given is as the following:
    מוטב לאדם להרבות במתנות אביונים להרבות בסעודתו ובשלוח מנות לרעיו, שאין שם שמחה גדולה ומפוארה אלא לשמח לב עניים ויתומים ואלמנות וגרים, המשמח לב האמללים האלו דומה לשכינה שנאמר להחיות רוח שפלים ולהחיות לב נדכאים”

    We see from the Rambam that helping people in distress is true joy being that it is דומה לשכינה .

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