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    I assume that a link to the NYTimes website won’t get through, so I’ll just copy and paste the interesting piece here. (I left it in the original; Mods, you may want to slightly change a few of the paragraphs towards the end. I’ll leave that decision up to you.)

    If you wear a white coat that you believe belongs to a doctor, your ability to pay attention increases sharply. But if you wear the same white coat believing it belongs to a painter, you will show no such improvement.

    So scientists report after studying a phenomenon they call enclothed cognition: the effects of clothing on cognitive processes.

    The findings, on the Web site of The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, are a twist on a growing scientific field called embodied cognition. We think not just with our brains but with our bodies, Dr. Galinsky said, and our thought processes are based on physical experiences that set off associated abstract concepts. Now it appears that those experiences include the clothes we wear.

    There is a huge body of work on embodied cognition, Dr. Galinsky said. The experience of washing your hands is associated with moral purity and ethical judgments. People rate others personally warmer if they hold a hot drink in their hand, and colder if they hold an iced drink. If you carry a heavy clipboard, you will feel more important.

    But the deeper question, the researchers said, is whether the clothing you wear affects your psychological processes. Does your outfit alter how you approach and interact with the world? So Dr. Galinsky and his colleague Hajo Adam conducted three experiments in which the clothes did not vary but their symbolic meaning was manipulated.

    Clothes invade the body and brain, putting the wearer into a different psychological state, he said. He described his own experience from last Halloween (or maybe it should be called National Enclothed Cognition Day).

    More studies are needed, he said.

    This article has been revised to reflect the following correction:

    Correction: April 4, 2012

    An earlier version of this article misstated the name of the journal in which the study on enclothed cognition was published. It is The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, not The Journal of Experimental Social Cognition. The article also described the findings of an earlier experiment incorrectly. In that experiment, people who held a hot drink in their hands rated others personally warmer; it is not the case that people were rated personally warmer if they held a hot drink.


    Not the black hat, the long Reckel.


    See? I told you so! Lol


    Quite true indeed, I know the effect quite well and it is absolutely true. One becomes what he dresses as.


    dont need the NY Times to tell you something that Mesilat Yesharim already discusses


    My interesting question about this is what happens when one honestly believes (and views) the polo shirt as just as Mechubad and befitting of a Talmid Chacham as the white shirt and black hat. Does it make any difference then?

    Ctrl Alt Del

    This is all well and good, but this has nothing to do with black hats. What is being shown here is that dressing a part encourages a person to play the part. And in doing so, becomes the part. But the issue a lot of us have with the whole yeshivish uniform and the thrust of the argument is that the current yeshivishe dress is not the only dress that can be associated with orthodox/frum yiddishkeit. Moshe Rabbeinu did not wear a black hat. I doubt he wore a hat at all. Dovid hamelech didn’t either. Neither did his son. Tanaim, Amoraim, and all those that followed also did not. The black hat is strictly a recent Eastern European development. Most likely born out of copying the aristocracy at the time. If they were wearing pink and mauve streimels, thats what would be yeshivishe dress today.


    i put on a stanford jersey and i didnt feel like COBY FLEENER

    far east

    very interesting article, id be interested in long-term studies to see if it has lasting effects


    Sam, a Polo shirt is not unique to any group of Ovdei Hashem. At most, it can be acceptible.

    Tzaddikim did encourage the Levush for the specific purpose of hindering the person’s free wanders. When you are constantly aware that you stand out as one belonging to a group that doesn’t belong in such places, you’ll feel akward going there.


    so lets all put on a streimel and bekitche and lets see what happens…


    shuli –

    so lets all put on a streimel and bekitche and lets see what happens…

    Did you not read the study? ‘Let’s see what happens’ – That is quite clearly negligence – the study has proven that it WILL have an effect on you – denying it and trying is simply mockery. Of course it will affect you, and then you are lost… unless you wear normal clothing for two months afterwards!!!


    Sam2, the down side of this is that by dressing non doctors in the doctor’s white coat you destroy the symbol and status of the white coat. Hence, you may motivate some students, but damage the profession.


    Like many studies completely irrelevant as the effects are not long term for obvious reasons

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