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    I have recently got a shidduch resume for my daughter, who is a typical michlola girl.

    The boys resume lists all the schools he has gone to. For elementary and high school, he went to regular down the middle yeshivas (ex. Chofetz Chaim, YFR, Englewood, Waterberry). However for Bais Medrish he went to Ohr Somayoch in Israel.

    Could someone please explain to me:

    What type of guys go there?

    Why would someone who grew up frum and went to regular, down the middle yeshivas, go to Ohr Somayach for Bais Medrish??


    maybe he wants to be involoved in kiruv

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    To grow in depth.


    Perhaps to rule out having to marry someone not as broad minded?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    golden mom

    maybe they have two streams i also thought it was for pp starting off but somebody from a good frum family just told me their sibling is there to i didnt want to ask any questions but it seemed strange to me too do maybe it has to leavels now look into it dont just say no cuz of this

    and yaff80 until ur in the parsha i think u should keep quite


    I know some what of the yeshiva and…………

    1) There is about 20 different programs.

    2) There are programs raining from basic Judaism, to an intense smicha/chinuch program.

    3) There are boys that learn half a day in Ohr Somaych, and half in Mir, or Barry Klien, etc.

    4) If the boy is an FFB and is in Ohr Somaych, he is probably a very bright and an open minded person.

    5) Ohr Somayoch is known to have bright and intelligent guys (they have a big crowd from Harvard, Yale, U Penn, M.I.T., Cornell Columbia etc).

    6) Believe it or not, there are hundreds of boys who have gone from regular homes. From Flatbush to California, from Monsey to Teaneck etc.

    Any thoughts???

    YW Band

    TIGER69 is on the $! My neighbor went there and changed from being alomost OTD to a masmid who knows alot of Tanach, Gemoros, Gr”a minhagim, you name it (more than me amazingly)!

    So usually it has to do with kiruv but I wouldn’t rule it out. Try to research the family as much as possible to see if anyone needed help in Yiddishkeit. Hatzlacha.


    Both Michlola and Ohr Somayoch are known as yeshivas/seminaries for sophisticated people!

    Btw YW Band, just curious, what type of family is this boy from? From where?


    My friend just told me that she knows a boy from a very yeshevish home in brooklyn, where one of the boys was in Ohr Somayoch till this zman, and he now switched to Rav Dovid (Brisk).

    I am very confussed!



    Ohr Somayoch used to be only kiruv, but now (definitely in the E”Y branch) there are plenty of good guys – FFBs – that go there. I’m not sure if the Monsey branch is only kiruv or both.


    There is a very famous story w a Gadol (I apologize, I dont remember which one) who was walking with a talmid. The Rav asked him, What Yeshiva are you in? to which he responded, Ohr Somayach… but I’m not a Baal Teshuva! The Rav replied, why not?

    The story is a cute anecdote, with many mussar lessons. But the point in reference to you is that Ohr Somayach has many tracks, and there are many non-BTs that go there.

    What I dont understand is why you are on an internet message board, when you can be calling his references and asking these questions to them.


    golden mom:

    You seem to have taken offence, so I will explain.

    What I meant was, that if someone thinks a person who learns in such a yeshiva is not frum enough for them, they would not IMO be a good match anyways. So perhaps this guy went to that yeshiva in order to avoid people thinking they are a good match for those narrower minded people.

    In any ways, I am happily married with kids, so I think I have been through the parsha!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Answer to Sacrilege….

    Obviously by the mere fact that I am asking this question on the Cr coulomb is because after calling all his references, everything fit, and sounded gr8!

    THOUGH that still did not answer the focal point of the question. Which is if the boy is a regular main stream boy 9or so it seems), than why did he go to Ohr Somayoch? Why not Medresh Shmuel? Lev Aryeh? The Mir? Barry Klien? Merkaz? Kol Torah? Rabbi Brazil?


    welcome back Sacrilege!

    As has already been said, there are many different types of people at Ohr Someach. Speak to his refs.

    Shticky Guy

    Interesting yet enticing shidduch resumes

    The shidduch resume really WAS enticing. Just look who it enticed… Welcome back Sac!!! Great story!


    Or Somayach also have a teaching program, I know someone here in Gateshead who learned there (FFB) and is now a teacher here in Gateshead.


    “the real one”

    Is that really you?


    I think that Sacrilege is not answering because he went to Ohr Somayoch!

    YW Moderator-42

    I think Sacrilege is a girl.


    Well didnt we decide that Ohr Somayoch is open minded???

    SOOO….even if Sacrilege is a girl, does Ohr Somayoch not have girls?? LOL

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