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    lamud vov tzadik

    is it worth the risk for me to go on the internet in case I might go on a site that is not helpful and then I might regret it or is it worth the chance I’m asking this about myself because I am unwell


    As we say in the law, the question is moot.
    You are already on the Internet…..that’s where the CR exists


    If you’re chareidi, why are you using the internet? Surely your Rebbe/Rosh Yeshiva said the internet is assur!

    ready now

    because I am unwell?
    Get well!

    What has that to do with it?
    Lonely at home- to cheer you up by distracting you?
    Please reply.


    There are lots of “kosher” sites on the internet to research what is making you “unwell”, learn about possible remedies and find good professional assistance. Good luck and a refuah shelamah for whatever ails you.

    lamud vov tzadik

    Replying to ready now
    Sometimes it’s easier to say get well than to actually get well depending on different things and at the moment I am not at home and yes it is one of the things I do to distract myself and I do think that it may not be a good thing for me but I think your right that I must get well and I think its not a big problem just I might be able to better than I am doing at the moment


    lamud what are the instances in which it’s easier to get well than to say get well.
    Anyway the internet doesn’t entertain you, it will just make you restless.
    The same way eating sugar just makes you irritable and then crave more sugar.
    It’s exactly like that.
    Go to the library and get some books or sudoku.
    Trust me as someone who has BTDT


    well, what if he needs to go on the internet for something important for work or booking a flight? You surely should not make a blanket statement that all internet is assur. You can put on an adblocker or figure out other ways to be responsible while still doing the right thing. Contact your local TAG office for more information about blockers.


    I didn’t say internet is assur across the board.
    I just said not to look to the internet for entertainment purposes.
    Which clearly all of us are doing right now anyway.


    Part of an email I received from GuardYourEyes:

    R’ Nechemia Gottlieb, the director of TAG, has worked closely with the Gedolei Hador to address the challenges posed by the Internet. He has graciously allowed us to excerpt and adapt his monograph, Nisayon Hador, in which he elaborates on this issue.

    The Internet has ramifications in a host of areas. We will break them down by category:

    1. Tumah

    2. Waste of Time — Bitul z’man

    3. Consumerism

    4. Challenge to Authority

    5. Cognitive Damage

    6. Heresy — Kefirah

    7. Where the Wicked Meet — Kinus l’reshaim

    8. Loshon Hora and Disputes

    9. A Breach in the Wall

    10. Addiction

    11. Gaming

    12. Social Networking

    13. Family and Social Life

    14. Filters and Monitors

    (He then expounds on each one)


    Opinionated, how can you tell somebody who is not well, not to use the internet for entertainment when you, who is well is using it for exactly that?


    That’s why I can tell him.


    That’s why I can tell him.

    boreiolam fan

    internet is a beautiful place to inform yourself on any topic, but at the end of the day: where there is kedusha there is tahara and therefore should be used in a healthy way

    crazy horse

    there is next to nothing on the internet for a jewish person in general. if you’re feeling unwell see a doc. here are some great ideas if you’re bored. find a sefer that speaks to you, find a chavrusa. maybe get a job in something you enjoy doing.


    “there is next to nothing on the internet for a jewish person in general”.

    Huhhh????? Either you haven’t ever been on the internet, OR youare living in a cave somewhere off the grid. You have instant access to ganz tanach, shas, virtually all meforshim and hundreds of thousands of seforim on divrei kodesh. That excludes the billions of documents that may have relevance to normal yidden in their everday life from how to register their minivan to changing the air filter on their lawn mower. And, of course, telemedicine appointments with you doc when you don’t want to go into an office and wait for 30 minutes in a room with sick people, ordering groceries so you don’t have to waste time and get up close and personal with other shoppers at Persimmon, transferring funds to the virtual tzadakah box via Zele, changing you health insurance open during open season, making a tee time for golf on Sunday AM after davening and and ordering a refill on your meds.
    Otherwise, nothing to do.

    crazy horse

    the internet is chazar treif. it looks kosher like a pig which has split hooves but reality in the inside its treif. and this is esau on the outside he fooled isaac but in the inside he was treif. and we are in the exile of esau right now. and there is only one way to end this exile, by removing esau from us, and by being completely kosher inside and out.

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