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    I was wondering if anyone out there also uses a Mac and has an internet filter that effectively blocks out all secular content (youtube, social networking, etc…). ALL the kosher ones that are advertised (Matzav, Filternet, etc…) are Windows compatible only. I am trying to do the right thing but it is quite hard. And I’m not interested in any KosherEyes or things like that. Just feel like the internet is becoming a time waster and would like to have only the bare minimum to do my research and get my business done.

    Sister Bear

    We have K9 web protection, blue coat. It’s not a Jewish thing and blocks out all that.

    tomim tihye

    We have YeshivaNet- you can only access the sites you request. Can be difficult for doing research, though not impossible.


    Sister Bear- yup we also have the K9 protection- would highly recommend extremely reliable constantly updated and free.

    Do you have standard protection or do you customize it?


    K9 is available for Macintosh as well.

    Opendns is also available for any computer for free. Just set (or have your local techie set) your dns server on your router to This blocks the worst of the worst, although you may want something more comprehensive. If so, have your local techie set you up with the full opendns (customizable categories, and the techie will install the “dynamic dns updater” software for you, which is available on mac as well.)


    How do I go about getting k9?

    Sister Bear

    noitallmr – I think we have standard. It seems to block the bad things. But sometimes it’s annoying and blocks because of open image/media. 🙁 Also if there is a video from youtube on a different site (like YWN) it just won’t show anything where the video is, which is kinda annoying but okay.

    I just googled download K9 web protection and their site came up.

    Try it out. Hope it works! Good Luck!!


    Done! So far it’s working amazingly well. Thanks loads for your help!


    We use Jnet as our ISP. They have a variety of filtering levels, and the filtering is quite good.


    just a note on filters, if its for yourself ok, but if you have kids, remember the younger they are the more computer savy they are. I’ve heard that if the kids know enough of what they’re doing, they can get around the filters.

    Just a story that proves how good teenagers are, there was a story probably about 15 years ago in a local yeshiva (mesivta age) well, somehow one kid got onto the computer and in a very short amount of time changed everyone’s grades. After calling numerous computer experts, they finally got someone REALLY processional, it took the guy a few hours, and he said it took the kid 1 minute and 20 seconds to do it, and if they knew who the kid was, he would hire him on the spot. (they asked all the kids about it, no one came forward)

    The point is that kids are better at computers than we think (or would want to know) and we have to be careful.


    I found that jnet blocks anything kosher and let’s through many very non-kosher stuff.


    Trust me, I work with teens so I know how it goes. I don’t have anyone to worry about at home-just wanted to have a filter for myself to keep me in check. The k9 is perfect-it really works and I can control which sites to block and allow.

    YW Moderator-42

    From another Web Site:

    Parents then have to assign a chaver, or friend, to get detailed Web-browsing histories automatically e-mailed to them by a $5-per-month monitoring service called WebChaver.

    Administrators at the 763-student Orthodox elementary and high school say the system is necessary to prevent online experiences that just are not kosher.


    Some parents scoffed at the Big Brother edict.

    While other Jewish schools have suggested parents use the spy system, Tiferes Yisroel is the first local one to actually demand that they do.

    Only about 20 parents have agreed, a source said.

    Rabbis at the school urged parents choose an eagle-eyed, and preferably female, chaver.

    WebChaver, run by a New Jersey-based nonprofit, will give school officials a list of the parents who sign up and their chavers.

    Administrators at the school did not return calls seeking comment.

    WebChaver online:


    it’s really a branch off of ?? ????

    ☕️coffee addict

    sof davar, what is? filters or non-tzniusdik pictures?

    if you’re talking about the latter (which i think you are) lo sinaf is with someone elses wife. it probably falls under the geder of lo sasooroo or that your house should be clean from filth (parshas ki tzeitzei)


    To all those who use K9, i olso put it on my computer BUT u need some one else to have the pass code! so u need some one u trust to set it up for u.. VD”L ….

    d a

    With k9, does it block all bad sites or do you have to give it a list of good sites?

    We just ot SonicWall which you have to allow certain sites. It can be ery annoying…


    Everyone get K9- by far the easiest to use most effective and most secure free filter out there!!!

    d a- you can choose exactly the strength of the filter- everything is customizable…


    i have koshernet. its only good if you have no images on high filter. other then that you can get bad stuff!! protect yourself!!


    If your willing to pay approx. $50 a year there are other good filtering software e.g. from The advantage of Safe Eyes vs. K9 is that in SE you cannot instantly override the protection as in K9. (Although you can manually enter exceptions in administrator mode it is more cumbersome)

    Jnet has the added benefit that it is ISP based, meaning any PC that connects to the router is protected, whereas the software filters such as K9, Netnanny and Safe-Eyes are only good for the PC they’re installed on.

    The thing I can’t stand is when people leave their wireless routers in unprotected mode. It is a tremendous achrayus for I can have all kinds of protections in my home and yet my neighbors unprotected router allows a user on my computer (or any wifi enabled device) to connect itself and surf without any filter whatsoever!

    There was once a talk about a legislation to force wifi connections to be password protected and not open to public, we need to see that law passed.

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