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    mr. lakewood

    Hi Everyone,

    Any ideas how to lock down high speed internet so no one can touch it with out pass word?

    just the internet not the whole computer



    Another approach I’ve seen. Internet Explorer/AIM/MSN etc… is only available on the parents log in, it is not available via any other log in. Setting the parents as the administrators of the computer also means that kids logged into their own directory on computer can not install anything on the hard drive (such as a copy if IE they can get off a CD that has juno or Netzero) and the only available tools to them are Word, Excel and the things needed for schoolwork. If they DO need to be online for schoolwork or other legitimate reason as determined by parents, then one of the parents must make the application available to the kids by logging in on their own. It sounds cumbersome, but it really isnt. It makes the computer avaialable to the kids whenever they want to use it it legitimately (Word, Excel, PowerPoint or an allowed game – installed by the parents and made available to all “users” – for example) and the parents dont have to worry about “where” the kids are.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Jphone, could you explain how to set up all the internet programs so they are under the administrator account only? They usually come preinstalled on the machine. How do I change who can use a particular program once it is there?

    d a

    If you are using a Windows computer (Vista or 7) there are Parental Controls in the Control Panel / User Accounts.

    I dont have time right now to walk you through set up nut maybe a different time


    There is an option, when logged in as administrator (the default when you buy a computer) who to make an application available to. The default setting is “all users”. It is easily changed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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