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    Is the internet the yetzer horo? Has it become a tool used by the yetzer horo.

    ED IT OR

    Is Trolling a yetzer hora?


    The internet is whatever you make of it. Do you use email to spread lashon hora? the fault is not with the email server! Do you use the graphic browser to look at inappropriate pictures rather to access resources for learning to Torah? The fault isn’t in the browser software, its with the person who is browsing. Any bad (or good) that you can do with obsolete methods of communication and interaction (books, scrolls, talking to people, shopping, learning, working, etc.) , can be done online.

    If a criminal walks up and shoots you and takes your stuff and puts it in a bag, do you blame the gun and the bag (okay, a liberal would, most conservatives would blame the theif).



    2)Everything in life is a tool used by both etzer Hara and Tov


    It sure is. The internet is how many of the tzedakas do their schnorring after telling you how bad it is.


    The Shmaltzer Rebbe once said that going on the Internet is the Soton’s lentil soup… its peshitoh nooo?


    The internet is like a chazar!! The chazar tries to trick us by having the external kashrus signs of split hooves. But is it kosher? nooooo! By here too- the interweb tries to fool us by saying “ooh you can do business on me, you can here shuirim, you can do coffee room” but it is still treif because it’s p’nimi’es is trief! Don’t be fooled!

    be joyful

    the internet removes a person from REAL life & makes him addicted to his phone and computer 24-6

    one of the worst tumahs to come to klal yisroel in all past generations

    Letakein Girl

    This topic has been dissected so many times, it’s really not normal. But I do see the motivation behind discussing it yet again- this is a topic that gets people very passionate either for the Internet or against it.

    I think that the Internet, like every other object in the world, can be used for both good and bad, but it is more powerful than most other objects. It’s like a gun- a gun could be used to shoot an innocent victim, or it can be used to shoot a rasha like Hitler, yemach shemo. It’s not intrinsically good or bad- just more powerful either way than most other things.

    Where a gun can physically kill a person, the Internet can destroy a neshama. I think that the just like there are steps one has to take to get a gun (background checks and such things), there are things a person must do before getting on the Internet (getting an accountability program.)


    If you are struggling with shmiras einayim on the internet, visit


    The World Wide Web can be pretty bad, but it can also be good.

    Same for the Internet.


    Just saying that if you guys think the internet is a yetzer hara then get off of it. In my personal humble opinion (no one has to listen to me) I think that there are good things and bad things about the internet. The same as there is with anything else. There is a good side and a bad side to everything. The same with for example money. If a person has too much of it, it can cause a problem. Each person needs to know how to use everything. As my Rebbeim have taught me, we need to take all of the physical and uplift it to the spiritual. There are many good things that we could do with the internet.

    So Yeah. That’s just my personal opinion.


    Then why bejoyful are you on the internet?

    ☕️coffee addict

    if you look at onkelos by the eitz hadaas it transalates the word mipiryo as meiEBAY hence the eitz haddas was the internet

    be joyful

    how fortunate & thankful I am to Hashem that I only use the internet for my NEEDS i.e. email, buy some cheap products & read a little news. & give you some chizzuk & assist people with advice.

    people waste their life on the internet & are addicted to it 24-6 without even realizing how fast their life is slipping by & YOUR LIFE IS NO GAME TO TAKE FOR GRANTED every day is a gift from hashem that you should live another day-Hashem doesn’t say this person with live to 88 & this one to 101 etc…-uvacharta b’chaim…


    See how the Rambam interprets “yezter hara” in the 2nd perek of avos (Not sure what mishna – but the mishna says ayin hara, yetzer hara etc….).

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