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    i need to make a report. i have to interview a holocaust survivor.

    would anyone be able to help me????


    Do you live anywhere near an old-age center or assisted living centers with frum residents?

    That would be a good place to start. Old people don’t bite! Theres’s nothing to be afraid of, ask the social work department and they’ll offer good candidates.


    i mean like does anyone have an old parent/grandparent that would be able to help me? i havta ask just like 5 specific questions that i already prepared if anyone would wana just ask their relative? you would be doing me a hugggggeeeee favor


    lemme know thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    try Rabbi Yakov (Jacob)Jungreis he helped with my report and a few others in the neighborhood his number is listed it is 718-951-0737 additionally he speaks on the topic as well

    minyan gal

    believer: If someone on this message board just asks their relative the questions on your behalf, you are really not doing your own project. One of the reasons that you may be doing this project is so that you can meet one (or more) of these people in person. There are fewer survivors left every year and you should consider yourself fortunate that you will have the opportunity to meet some. Just getting the questions answered is not the point – you will have to put yourself out just a little bit – it is the very least that you can do. You can call the social work department of any Jewish Seniors home and more than likely they will be able to introduce to some survivors – frum or not.


    Believer, for some reason (maybe Im wrong) i get the impression that your making it sound like a disdainful task that you must do to interview a holocaust survivor. Its not just 5 questions that you have to ask for school, and then poof, you did your homework. This is an extremely important assignment and i hope you interview them with respect and consideraton they deserve- not like a burden. Wishing you upmost Hatzlacha.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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