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    Received in an email:



    Chofetz Chaim, Purim is over for three weeks already. You missed the deadline…



    lol oomis1105, apparently the author of this rant did as well.

    Just Smile wrote what seems to be a response to this here

    Here is another response:

    I don’t claim to justify anyone’s having the Internet for any reason, but I do think it is incorrect to lump the Internet in the same boat as TV and movies, as the Internet is far different from those two, in my opinion. Unlike movies and TV, the Internet gives you opportunities and possibilities that would otherwise not exist. And, in my opinion, unlike TV and movies which are, the essentially, vehicles of popular culture which is rather traif, it’s possible to use the Internet and email and see far less objectionable content (or even none) on the Internet than on TV.

    As for CY, I strongly agree that there should be organic CY choices and that it should be of the highest quality, regardless, especially since CY consumers already pay a premium for it, so (for most people) it’s worth paying a little bit more to get the healthiest product. Golden Flow claims their milk doesn’t spoil and is also rBST (hormone) free. I’m sure their freshness will be, and already is being, put to the test.

    But I wonder why one would bother keeping CY if one does not do so if a non-CY Organic alternative is available. If the choice was to eat lesser healthy kosher products or a healthier but absolutely traif equivalent, which would one choose? Obviously the kosher product, or else one would simply not eat anything in that category of food. So, in other words, if CY is important, then why not skip eating, say, Cottage Cheese (if it’s full of garbage) until the CY companies come out with an All-Natural/Organic one. Why settle and eat Cholov Stam cottage cheese, instead? If anyone cares to explain, I’d appreciate it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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