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    It makes a lot of sense that introverts should marry extroverts. An extrovert has the ability to sometimes bring an introvert out of his/her shell, and could make the person really shine. And not everyone is looking for someone that is bubbly and talkative. Some, especially extroverts, would rather have a more eidel and toned down person who will be a good listener.


    is this weird?! I used to be very extrovert and outgoing, i was always the center of attention and this past year i find myself avoiding social-related outings.

    and when i try taking personality tests it just doesnt work,I never know what to answer, cause every question , I can se myself in both answers, deopends on the situation!! HELP!!! I really wanna find out more about this!!


    123bubby-so you’re a mix! not such an issue… there are different books you can read to try to figure out what’s more dominant if you like…

    personally i’m a highly extroverted introvert! if that made sense to anyone but me :0) and then again there are times wehn i’m just a plain introvert.and proud of it! :0)


    Rabbi Eli Melech’s Tzetel Katan recommends that someone who is shy practice praying in a loud voice for 40 days. He says that you should say the blessing over the Torah in a loud voice as well. I have made this a practice, and noted some benefits:

    1) By saying Boruch Hu U’Voruch Sh’mou and Amen more forcefully after the chazzan rather than just mumbling it, I get more people at the minyan to say Amen.

    2) By projecting more confidence, I seem to be getting more aliyot.

    3) Outside the minyan, I find myself speaking up more.


    TweetTweet: Not everyone WANTS to be brought out of their shell.

    Sister Bear

    There is a good book called “Raising a Spirited Child” that explains introverts and extroverts really well.

    The difference between them is where they get their energy from. Meaning, after a long day at school an introvert needs to be by themselves so they could have energy to be able to be by themselves and therefore will go to their room to recharge, it doesn’t mean that they’re “in a shell”; while extroverts get their energy from people so after a long day at school they will tell you everything that happened.

    Also extroverts think through problems aloud while introverts think through a problem quietly.

    It’s not bad or good, their just DIFFERENT


    sister bear – that’s a great book, especially if you have a child with sensory issues.


    Little Sally saucer this ones for you 😉

    As a child I was extremely quiet. My parents made sure to arrange play-dates so I was never lacking friends but I was very shy and found it hard to express myself. As I matured I became more outgoing I am great in group settings and emerge as a leader many times. Now I am not a quiet person, yet I am still by all means an introvert.

    Sister bear – good definition the way I recharge is really what makes me an introvert, essentially. I go crazy if I don’t have time alone to myself. When I know I need to recharge I go on outings all alone even if others may think this is odd.


    I like it here in my shell.


    I am an introvert, but I am still friendly. I keep things to myself unless I know and trust the person very well.


    I love this thread. It’s amazing to look into the past. Five years ago I had no clue that I would be reading this. Five years ago I had no clue about the CR.

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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