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    #Please only post in a serious fashion.

    I am a single girl with some financial obligations, but B”H earn more than I spend. I have about $1,000 that I would like to invest, but am clueless how to, or where to.

    Please advise…



    Savings account. Low risk, guaranteed earnings.

    Patur Aval Assur

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    Though I’m not sure that 1/3 of $1000 can actually get you any land, so this might not be applicable.

    (This was a serious fashion.)


    S&P 500 Index Fund with either Vanguard or Fidelity.


    Joseph is on the money pun intended. Leave it there till retirement. If you would’ve invested $1000 30 years ago in that fund it would be 250,000 today. The ticker (acronym for the fund)is SPY. Don’t worry about risk, its not. Its investing in the entire stock market so the risk is about as low as it’ll ever be while investing in stocks.


    I’m sorry I misspoke. It would be about $1000 annually that would give u about $250,000 today…. Just $1000 would be about $12,000. Still not bad… just not 250,000:)… But still the best investment choice.


    Stay far away from Bernard Madoff


    Savings accounts are fine (as an aside they don’t make any money). I would not do anything. Leave it alone. In 5 years, when you have $5,000 then maybe – maybe the number will compound with raises etc iy’H.

    Iy”H when you get married, you might need the money – down payment on an apartment etc. No safe investment is returning much for a $1,000. Rather keep it in case you need and start building up your savings. Maybe with your savings and future husband’s savings you can make a solid investment. As PAA inferred – invest in property. It’s the safest investment. But perhaps not in super inflated frum (or non-frum) areas.


    Sam Klein

    if you want to invest, don’t invest in Madoff. Madoff got MAD & fell OFF. if you want to invest then invest in Tzedaka (charity)its an eternal investment that cant go bad. you know your stocks went up & you don’t need to call wall street everyday.

    (this is honest & serious advice I have given to many people & their money has always grown)

    Wish you lots of Hatzlacha


    You are not likely to be single for long, and until you get married you don’t know what your financial status is. You can’t afford risk. As there is no inflation, money invested at zero interest isn’t being eaten by inflation as it was 40 years ago. Compared to the costs of raising a family, the money you are earning is trivial. You don’t have enough to risk losing it, so you are best investing in something safe, such as federally insured savings accounts or treasury bonds. Anything else is a gamble, and you probably shouldn’t be gambling.


    It’s a shame the world looks at markets like gambling. Do they not realize that almost everyone on the planet is only able to retire with money in the bank because of markets whether Bond or stock. Obviously excluding crazy times like 1930 1987 & 2008 ur ALWAYS on top. And even in these tough aforementioned times waiting 1-3 yrs brings u back to where u were. There’s no guarentee for anything in life but the reward has to outweigh the risk and investing smartly does that. Putting $1000 in a bank account when ur at the prime investing time of your life is jut silly. Right now u have no debt no bills and a steady salary it’s perfect timing. No gamble ever returned on average every year 8.5% of your money. The stock market has since 1925… Don’t confuse ignorance with gambling. Trust me I’m not making money on you either way, but don’t pass up an opportunity, in 35 years you’ll be happy you didn’t

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