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    How is the Ipad mini with the Artscroll gemaras? Resolution/ clarity? Maneuverability? Can you enlarge part of the daf and just view that? Considering buying the Ipad mini just for that – what do you think?


    Why does the full iPad set cost more than the full printed set????




    I have a 9.00 subscription which is a nice 30 blatt every month and it goes really well with Rabbi Elefant shiur podcast from the OU.



    If technology enables more people to learn more effectively and more frequently, who are you to judge? We are not the Amish.

    Sofrim use computers to check STAM. Mashgichim use light boxes to check produce for tolayim. What’s the nafka mina between the use of technology to help perform these mitzvos and the mitzva of limmud hatorah?


    Why does the full iPad set cost more than the full printed set????

    It doesn’t. Todays’s price for the full digital set is $799.99. The price for the dead tree edition is between 1,139.99 and $1,940.00 depending on size and binding (these prices are all based on the English version).

    Personally I think $799.99 is too high of a price to pay Mesorah Publications, LTD (a for-profit business) for a work that was done by Mesorah Heritage Foundation (a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization).


    I use the artscroll app on the iPad mini, and the resolution is great! You can zoom in and still get crystal clear text – and it works just like it does on the iPad. And the ipad mini is such an awesome size.


    The costs of digitizing and coding are borne by Artscroll. The Foundation only pays for specific items, there are a heck of a lot of other substantial costs involved in producing the Shas and other items in the series.

    The only reason that the price is as low as it is is because of the costs that are legally allowable to be borne by the Foundation.

    And from what I understand, they have this reviewed regulalrly to make sure they are in conformance with laws and regulations.

    I am sure that this is just one of many basic things you do not comprehend. The lack of comprehension is the issue, not the matter that you are not comprehending.


    Dhl144- I SECOND THAT!! after that massive storm and everything pple lost, I’d say I agree with you one thousand percent!!!



    Es iz oich nisht mein gesheft, but I think that your point was clear in the first three paragraphs. Why was the nasty add on at the end necessary?

    In the words of that sage, the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

    YW Moderator-42

    Has anyone come up with a heter to use this on Shabbos yet? Rabbi popa_bar_abba, we need you to work on this…

    On a more serious note, to the poster using Sandy to say we need less gashmiyus, if somebody had lost an ipad in sandy they can throw out the piece of metal, buy a new one for a few hundred dollars and re-install the shas. If you R”L lost a dead-tree shas, it has to be put in shaimos and will cost $1000+ to replace. Something to think about…


    MORE 2: yes after the storm i realized how much the world is becoming dependent on all electric devices

    YW Moderator-42

    Is this available in the Hebrew version?


    I hope you only use the Hebrew artscroll or the English one if you only speak Hebrew (assuming you post on ywn with an interpreter next to you) and even these are bidieved .Artscroll is crutch people use for life instead of for reference or to learn how to learn _ which come to think of it is probably why you want it. hatzlacha rabba.And don’t forget Torah isn’t supposed to be easy and that’s what makes it geshmak.


    Ok I’m getting in the mood, meaning the apples iPad mini; is this screen just as clear as the iPhone? Is the artscroll app loading fast and is it sharp and clear enough????

    [email protected]

    No offense to anyone here but personally I don’t find the artscroll app very good.

    Get a netbook/notebook for the same price or cheaper and get shas in PDF format.

    It is a lot clearer and easier to read and learn from it this way than it is from the app.

    Also if you get shas in PDF format it’s totally free from hebrewbooks.org unlike shas in the artscroll app which costs quite a lot.

    YW Moderator-42

    The difference is that the free PDF doesn’t have all the wonderful features that Artscroll has such as English translation, footnotes, etc.


    Torah is meant to be learned from a sefer. Im sorry but you cant learn Shas on an ipad! Even if you have the app I strongly recommend having an actual paper Gemara in front of you. I really think artscroll went off the deep end with this one….


    Why is it gashmeus to own the Shas on an Ipad but NOT Gasmeus to own the Artscroll Shas.

    And if you are so concerned about money, why not donate the money for your Shas to Hurricane Sandy victims too.

    And if you are concerned about technology, Dont learn by electric light, if the Vilna Gaon learned by candlelight, so can you


    Torah is meant to be learned from a sefer. Im sorry but you cant learn Shas on an ipad!

    Somehow I can see someone in the past having said “Torah is meant to be learned from a scroll. I’m sorry, but you can’t learn from a bound codex.” I can also see someone saying “Seforim weren’t meant to be mass printed. They were meant to be handwritten by trained sofrim.”

    In all seriousness, however, can you provide some basis for your statement, or is it just your opinion. Is there some reason why you can’t learn from an e-Sefer as effectively as you can from a paper sefer?

    The Wolf



    It is my opinion, due to the fact that I find that e-reading is slow and my absorption in the material as well as my retention is much better with printed works. Learning gemara requires getting “into it” and poring over the volume. I think if you do an experiment you will find that your experience with a book will be much better (and I think more fulfilling) than digital reading.

    I also read a bit about this. Time has a good article worth reading. Google “Do E-Books Make It Harder to Remember What You Just Read?”

    Menachem Melamed

    Most people might not realize it, but people with vision difficulties are benefitting greatly from the technological advances that are allowing them to continue learning.

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