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    My ex in laws trusted ther son to use the computer wheneeeever he wanted! (as a kid, as an adult, as a married man..) 😉


    Guy-Ocho – Thank you! I haven’t tested what you said, but I’m always ready to be proven wrong. I just can’t accept “yes-huh” as an answer, which is what everyone else was saying. I’ll have to mess around and see if I can by pass the settings without the password, like you say.

    **For the record, our family shares an ipod, I use it just as much as everyone else and when it’s not in use, it’s charging on our speaker dock in the kitchen. My kids haven’t even figured out how to close applications from running in the background, but they’re young. And as far as I know 🙂 the internet is seriously locked down on it, and if it can be bypassed, I have everything seriously locked down from the server level (with no open networks from neighbors within reach).


    Sean: I have screenshots of the whole process. Would love to share with u but can’t load them onto CR


    guy-ocho: Is this method easily googleable?


    Guy-ocho – figured out what you’re talking about. I see what you mean but supposing you have safari off, installing apps off (which turns off app store), itunes off, youtube off… all of those are governed under the passworded parental controls. As long as there is no other browser installed, what can the kid do when he connects to the internet?

    Check mail, check weather and view google maps. Unless I’m wrong, and don’t understand, there’s no way to freely use the internet unless you reset the ipod or figure out the parental control password.


    Sean: Guy also mentioned a second method to disable the controls of “One way is if you upgrade to a newer firmware, it is impossible to know it was upgraded.”


    Grandmaster – True, but if you’re really worried to this level, you shouldn’t let your kids have access to the computer screen name that houses the instance of itunes the ipod syncs to and the upgrade issue would be resolved. (upgrades maybe come out once every 2-3 months at best)


    How does the firmware upgrade remove the protection undetected?

    Sean, also, even if you don’t give him access to the computer/screen name that houses the sync, could he not do it by a friend?


    GM – Question #1 – I don’t know…

    Q#2- It would erase any programs/music/videos you have on there as you would be setting the ipod to update to that other instance of itunes (as far as I know)


    Re Q2, even if it would erase all that (and instead install all his friends stuff), would it also unlock the internet?


    There are so many things I don’t let my kids have and I trust my kids more than most. There is no contradiction unless you want to put words in someones mouth to invalidate their argument.

    Two points – 1) According to the internet safety speaker we had at the high school, 70% of the kids who got hooked on porn NEVER intended to look at it. They did not go to it, it came to them in ads, pop ups etc and THEN they went back. 70% WITHOUT intention.

    2) Any person who can say that unfiltered internet is not extremely dangerous should count their blessings. If you can afford to be that naive to this particular reality, than you must not be suffering/watching loved ones suffer and you are very, very lucky. But understand that there’s alot out there that you seem not to be privy to and the one’s doing the warning know what they are talking about. Hashem Yishmor.

    Pashuteh Yid

    One further point. Even if you have a good filter on your home computer, use the option to completely turn off internet after like 10 or 11 pm, until 7 am the next morning.

    No reason a kid should be on the computer at all in the middle of the night.


    Grandmaster: As Sean said, if he would sync it from a different computer he would lose all the memory. The only option would be, is if his friend has all the same music and videos (if he has those). Than he can just get them from the other computer. It is a far stretch for a kid to go to those lengths, however if he is determined it can be done. Regarding the internet, yes it will absolutely take away the restrictions if he syncs from a different computer.

    Sean ben Noach: Thanx for keeping me on my feet with all your valuable insights. I am working on another way to completely restrict whatever I want on the iPod touch. However it requires a jailbreak and then I could add my own filter software. I’ll let you know if I succeed with it.


    its really not ok. i happen to know many kids who own ipod touches that their parents dont know about. even kids that their parents do know though, many not only have assur and innapropriate things on their ipods but they lend them out and let other kids watch their movies etc which btw they got from other kids in the first place…. the internet is also a problem. mostly, u really have to know ur kid. if u arent familiar with what ur kids do with their friends or what their school and grade is like etc, then you dont know enough about your kid to know how responsibly theyll deal with an ipod touch. i know kids who have them and only have jewish music etc on them as well. it depends on the kid


    princess, i agree with you totally. it depends completly on the kid.


    princess, i agree with you totally

    The beginning of Princess123’s post said “its really not ok.


    Sean: Another problem

    Is when they already have limited access (google maps, email, app store), it increases the chance of them being able to completely remove restrictions. As I said, the only options would be to install your own filter software once you jailbreak the iPod. Or another option, Its not so practical, but if you can open the iPod (many people do it) and physically remove the modified ISA Ethernet card.


    There are some ways to block or filter internet but by jailbreaking your iPod, your back to step one. K9 is a free filter and can be food in the app store. It does a very good job filtering, and if any sites come up that u deem innapropriate and it’s not being blocked, you can email them and they will block it. Also, the best thing to do would be to completely block the app store because there are many app that are rated 4+ but have built in browsers in them so one an access unfiltered in there, even though it’s rated 4+! any tech savvy person can always get around blocking some apps but by blocking all apps the damage us minimal


    for heavens sake!! which high school kid needs an ipod touch?? its a waste of time and is most of the time really damaging…..


    I make apps for iOS and I would like to add my two cents.

    yb613 – any app with a built in browser must be rated 17+ as per the App Store guidelnes. Report apps to Apple that are not properly rated. As I said, I make apps. I would know.

    Leon Normanson – The TV is merely a scapegoat for poor parenting. Children who are shown proper love and care don’t need a TV to babysit them.

    Guy-ocho – I’m not sure if you are not a native English speaker, or your a bluffing, but “Operating platforms” is completely the wrong word here. Try “languages” or “runtimes”. As far as removing the card and/jailbreaking, I would not do that. A jail broken device is much more likely to make the filters removable and doing either of those things voids your warranty.

    The best solution as was mentioned, is to supervise and attach the device to your password protected iTunes account. I have actually restricted myself once on my iPod and forgot the password. I had to reset it. I have not tried updating the firmware. Again, just be vigilant with keeping up track of what’s going on.

    Good luck!


    (guy-ocho) Grandmaster: As Sean said, if he would sync it from a different computer he would lose all the memory.

    by using sharepod (getsharepod…)you can easily sync devices on different computers without losing anything.


    children and kids do not need any ipod touch or iphone


    children and kids do not need any ipod touch or iphone

    True, but they don’t need pizza either, and yet most people don’t seem to have a problem with it.

    In other words, lack of need is not necessarily a reason to say that someone should not have something. If you have a legitimate reason why kids shouldn’t have Ipods or Iphones, then by all means, articulate those reasons — but lack of need alone is not a reason.

    The Wolf

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